Golf Clubs 101: A Quick & Informative Guide

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Of course, you know that Golf Clubs are essential to your game. Without golf clubs, you wouldn’t be playing golf. However, there are many different golf clubs to choose from, especially considering each golfer should use the best set of clubs for their particular playing level and playing style.

What is a Golf Club?  

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During the 1400s, clubs were fabricated by whoever could make them and from whatever materials were readily available locally, usually wood. Today, golf club manufacturing has turned into a $6 billion (USD) industry where highly skilled club makers and crafters consistently produce more and more technologically advanced golf products every year. While the technology and club-making processes have advanced considerably, a golf club is still a golf club. The basic design of clubs hasn’t changed much since the 1400s. They are still made from three basic components:

  • The head on the bottom where the club meets the ball.
  • The shaft in the middle.
  • The grip on top for the player.

However, unlike in the 1400s, today, golf clubs must meet specific standards for regulation play. 

Also, today, a player is only allowed 14 clubs in their bag during a single round of regulation play. However, it is entirely up to the player’s discretion regarding what club to use during any shot. But as most here will already know, using a putter off the tee is inadvisable at best.

Golf Club Companies

While this is not a complete list of golf companies worldwide producing golf clubs, these are the largest and most well-known golf companies today. Click here for more details on the companies below.

  • Callaway Golf – Based out of Carlsbad, in California, this manufacturer is dedicated to innovation in golf equipment, including golf clubs, worldwide.
  • Cleveland Golf – Cleveland Golf first produced classically designed clubs, but they also offer new models that have been updated for the modern golf game. 
  • Cobra Golf – Cobra introduced the Baffler golf club, one of the first utility woods.
  • Mizuno Golf – Mizuno is a Japanese sports lifestyle and equipment manufacturer.
  • PING Golf – PING started as garage business that took scientific principles to improve the golf club design. 
  • TaylorMade Golf – Starting in 1979 with their first product, the first-ever metal wood driver, TaylorMade has continued to push the limits of cutting-edge golf technology to this day.
  • Titleist Golf – Starting with the goal of improving the golf ball with a rubber company and an X-Ray machine, Titleist Golf has a long history of golf innovations.
  • Tour Edge Golf – The Tour Edge Golf Company produces cutting-edge golf clubs and equipment at more affordable prices.
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Types of Clubs

Golf clubs can be fitted or customized for your specific playing style and level of play. It’s important to find golf clubs designed for your specific needs because it helps improve your game and lower your score. This is why when you go to buy golf clubs today, you will find that there may be several customization options for several club types. And there can be many different styles of the same club type as well. All of these club options can be somewhat confusing to the beginner golfer. But, ultimately, being able to customize and choose from a wide variety of club styles and types can be a game-changer for seasoned pros and amateurs alike. 

Although, as a beginner or amateur golfer, you should understand some golf club basics. We will start with the basic types of clubs every golfer should be familiar with.

Here are the main types of golf clubs and a few general facts about each: 

  • Woods were originally made with a hardwood head. But now wood club heads are typically made from metal or composite materials. These golf clubs are generally used for longer golf shots.
    • The Driver, or 1-Wood is normally only used for shots off a tee. 
    • Fairway Woods are designed for shots off the fairway, as the name suggests. Fairways are higher-number woods.
    • Hybrids are designed to be a cross between woods and irons. They can replace higher-numbered woods and lower lofted irons.
  • Irons were traditionally made with iron heads, but they are now usually cast with steel alloy heads or other metal. They are a versatile golf club and can be used for many shots. Irons are typically shorter than woods with a higher degree of loft. 
  • Wedges include the pitching, gap, lob, and sand wedge lofts. Wedges are a versatile golf club. And they are perfect for many difficult short game shots, like bunker shots.
  • Putters were originally an iron club. They are made to roll the ball on or around the green.

Check out these links for more details on each type of club: Drivers 101, Fairway Woods, Irons, Hybrids, Wedges, and Putters

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What to Look For 

You will benefit from the best, high-quality golf clubs that are perfect for your skill level. That’s because selecting golf equipment is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, as explained above. Club customization and club choice can be vital to improving your game. And the right Golf Club for you will depend on whether you’re a newbie, average player, or an experienced/pro golfer.  

Since every Golf Club is unique, you’ll get a slightly different experience with each brand or model. Even the top pro golfers need to use the Golf Clubs that are right for their game. Then they familiarize themselves with their equipment and improve their swing and overall performance on the golf course.  

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Before You Go!

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