Scratch’s What to Wear Guide for Spring Fitness

While you may be a little hesitant to start takin’ yer fashion advice from a caveman, good ol’ Scratch here may not be able to tell the difference between a sling-back and a stiletto, but I know a thing or two about fitness apparel. When it comes to what to wear while workin’ out, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. It’s important to remember that the sweatpants of winter ain’t exactly gonna be comfortable while you’re sweatin’ it out in the sun. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what to wear as those sticky summer months roll around.

When it comes to wearin’ clothes to work out in, the main thing ya need to keep in mind is comfort. For women, this means findin’ a good, supportive sports bra. It’s also important to remember that most sports bras need to be replaced every so often (about every 72 washes) before the elasticity is lost. If you experience any significant weight change, it’s also probably high time to replace yer sports bra.

It’s also important to test your clothes before going to the gym. Clothes that chafe, ride up, slide down, or reveal more skin than your comfortable with aren’t going to be good to work out in. It’s all about comfort and confidence. If your clothes don’t provide those two key components, yer gonna be far less likely to get out there and exercise.

If yer gonna be workin’ out in the sun, there are a few other precautions that ya need to be takin’. Be sure to wear light-colored clothes and plenty of sunscreen if you’re plannin’ on takin’ yer jogs outside. Another great tip: invest in some moisture wicking fabrics. Moisture wicking or ClimaLite materials keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They also quickly “wick” away moisture so that you don’t feel sweaty durin’ your exercise routine. If you plan on workin’ out at night, it’s also important to be safe. This means making sure that your clothes and shoes have reflective material that’ll help keep ya visible to passin’ cars.

Speakin’ of yer shoes, feet need love too when it comes to buyin’ good clothes for yer fitness regiment. It’s important to choose a pair of comfortable exercise shoes that are specific to your workout needs. For weight trainin’ and low impact activities, you can get away with a comfy pair of walking shoes. If you’re going to be runnin’ then you need a good pair of runnin’ shoes. For basketball, football, baseball, etc. you really need to invest in a sport-specific shoe so that you don’t hurt yourself. Also, every foot is different. If possible, go to your local running shop and get your foot tested for different shoes. Findin’ a shoe that works with your individual arches will go a long way towards makin’ sure you stay comfortable during yer routine.

Socks are also an important, though often overlooked, part of your workout wardrobe. If your socks are too thick or thin, you’re gonna be more susceptible to blisters. A bad blister is enough to ruin anyone’s workout, so be sure to think about what the best socks for your exercise will be.

So there ya have it, Rock Heads. Remember that you need to stay comfortable durin’ your workout. The same shorts that you wear to the gym may not be the kind of clothes that you need fer doin’ yoga so be sure to dress appropriately and comfortably no matter where your fitness fancy takes you!

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