Today’s Golf Club Companies 2021

Golf Clubs are produced by a variety of large and small companies today. But there are a few large golf companies that produce the vast majority of golf gear, including golf clubs, golf balls, and other golf accessories. Most of the golf companies listed below also produce golf lifestyle products such as golf apparel and golf shoes. This isn’t a comprehensive list of golf club manufacturers and companies. However, it includes the biggest golf companies producing the most technically advanced and professional golf equipment for tour pros, golf amateurs, and enthusiasts. 

Also, If there is a golf company we missed that you think should be included in this list, let us know! And, to be as unbiased as possible, this list is organized in alphabetical order, not by size or player popularity.

Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf Clubs

Based in Carlsbad, California, and with a strong commitment to innovation, Callaway Golf is an American Golf company that sells golf equipment, including golf clubs, worldwide. Working with some of the best tour players in golf today, Callaway continues to be a leader in golf technologies and manufacturing. Callaway also makes premium golf clubs, golf equipment, and golf lifestyle products under their portfolio of global golf brands, including OGIO Golf, Odyssey Golf, and more.

Cleveland Golf

Cleveland Golf Company

Roger Cleveland started the Cleveland Golf Company in 1979. The first golf clubs Cleveland Golf produced were classically designed clubs updated for the contemporary golf game. Since late 2007, the SRI Company now operates the Cleveland Golf Company. SRI Sports also own Srixon Golf and XXIO Golf. Historically, Cleveland Golf has best been known for its wedges. However, Cleveland Golf produces a full range of golf clubs, including the new Launcher XL woods and irons, the CBX 2 and RTX Zipcore wedges, and a large variety of golf putters.

Cobra Golf

Cobra Puma Golf

In 1973, Thomas Crow started the Cobra Golf company, and they introduced the Baffler golf club, one of the first utility woods, in 1980. The Puma AG company acquired the Cobra in 2010. Today Cobra Golf produces a full line of golf clubs, including golf clubs like the all-new Cobra King TEC Hybrid and the Cobra King Radspeed line of irons and woods. Challenging the status quo, Cobra pushes the boundaries of cutting-edge golf club technology. COBRA. Doing Things differently!

Mizuno Golf

Mizuno Golf Equipment

The Mizuno Brothers founded Mizuno in 1906. And Mizuno Golf is a Japanese sports lifestyle and equipment manufacture. The Mizuno Golf company produces both a full range of golf equipment and golf lifestyle apparel and accessories. With the slogan “Nothing Feels Like a Mizuno,” Mizuno produces some of the best industry-leading golf clubs like the brand-new ST series of woods and the JPX 921 Series golf irons.

TaylorMade Golf Clubs

TaylorMade Golf

Starting in 1979 with their first product, the first-ever metal wood driver, TaylorMade has continued to push the limits of cutting-edge golf technology to this day. Some of the biggest names like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Dustin Johnson use TaylorMade clubs on tour. TaylorMade is passionate about golf and is always looking for the next breakthrough in golf club innovation!

Titleist Golf

Titleist Golf

Starting with the goal of improving the golf ball with a rubber company and an X-Ray machine, Titleist Golf has a long history of golf innovations. For 85 years, Titleist has produced golf balls in New Bedford, Massachusetts. And they have been a leader in golf ball technology ever since. Titleist also brings the same dedication to cutting-edge technologies to their range of golf clubs. Any golf product stamped with the Titleist logo has been proven to be the best in its class through extensive player and machine testing.

Tour Edge Golf

The Tour Edge Golf Company

Currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, David Glod formed the Tour Edge Golf Company in 1986. Glod saw an opportunity to produce cutting-edge golf clubs and equipment at more affordable prices. Tour Edge is played on PGA tour championship and on professional European golf tours. And Tour Edge has racked up 21 tour wins for golfers using Tour Edge golf clubs. Like most top golf companies, Tour Edge produces a full range of golf club lines. The latest Tour Edge club lines include the Tour Edge Exotics woods and irons, as well as the Tour Edge Hot Launch series.

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