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Are you a golfer who’s planning a vacation but can’t figure out where to go? If that’s the case, we have everything you need to plan a pleasant and relaxing holiday. We understand how tough it might be for some golf fanatics to shun the sport while on vacation. That is why we want to talk about the best golf courses in exotic locations all around the globe.

In any of these locations, you can have the time of your life with your loved ones, relax, bask in the natural beauty, and most importantly, play golf. These golf courses are located in some of the most aesthetically pleasing places on different continents, and each one of these brings something unique to the table.

In general, golf courses are among the most beautiful sporting arenas. However, the ones we have listed below take this a notch further, creating a massive gulf in beauty standards. These golf courses are located on the seashore with magnificent views of beaches and the sea, or they are in the vicinity of mountains with slightly different but equally majestic scenery. Without further ado, let’s begin.

1. Sperone Golf Club, France

Located on the island of Corsica with breathtaking views of the Sea of Sardinia, Sperone Golf Club in France surely deserves first place. Sperone is an 18-hole course and is not among the longest golf courses with a total length of 6106 meters, but it is undoubtedly among the most challenging. Since its inauguration in 1990, Sperone has been one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Corsica, driving a massive influx of tourists each year.

2. Lofoten Links, Norway

Lofoten Links Golf Course is a remarkable golf course that stands out from the rest. As it is located in the Northern region of Norway, the sun doesn’t set in the months of June and July. This essentially means you can play golf any time of the day during those two months. Lofoten Links was opened in 2015 and is located on the rocky coast of Gimsøya.

3. Pebble Beach, California

Pebble Beach Golf Links in California is arguably the most serene golf course in the United States. It sits along the rugged coastline and offers spectacular views of Carmel Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Besides its aesthetically pleasing aspect, Pebble Beach Golf Course has hosted seven men’s major tournaments, including the PGA Championship and six US Opens.

4. Ghala Golf Club, Oman

Ghala Golf Club is among the most renowned golf courses in the Middle-East, owing to its allure and state-of-the-art design. Located in a pristine valley among the famous Al-Hajar mountains, the Ghala Golf Course is a remarkable amalgamation of scenic views and a challenging playing environment.

5. The Villingili Golf Course, Maldives

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts maintains this golf course that is located in one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. This is among the exceptionally rare golf courses that come with coconut palm trees and offer breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. However, it is a 9-hole course and is equally suitable for pros and beginners alike.

6. Ailsa Course Trump Turnberry, Scotland

Trump Turnberry is the most famous golf course in Scotland and is owned by the Trump Organization. It is also one of the oldest surviving golf courses globally, as it was established more than a century ago in 1906. It was here that Tom Watson beat Jack Nicklaus in the Open Championship 1977 by a narrow margin.

7. Manele Golf Course, Hawaii

Designed by the living legend Jack Nicklaus, the Manele Golf Course of Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii offers a host of brilliant facilities. You can learn new stuff about the sport from their high-end instructors or just enjoy the relaxed atmosphere along with the views of Hulopoe Bay and Puupehe rock.

8. Fairmont Banff Springs, Canada

Banff Springs Golf Course in Alberta, Canada is among the most beautiful golf courses located in the mountains. It sits somewhere in Canada’s iconic Rocky Mountains and offers a unique combination of beauty and a challenge to beginners and pros alike. It is an 18-hole par 71 golf course.

9. Fazio Course at Red Sky, Colorado

Red Sky’s Fazio Golf Course is one of the few environmentally friendly golf courses. The design team of Tom Fazio ensured the survival of the region’s indigenous vegetation. They relocated more than 23,000 plants to nurseries to be re-planted on the golf course at a later stage.

10. Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

Royal County Down is probably the only golf course that offers the best of both worlds. It is located in the foothills of the famous Mourne Mountains and simultaneously on the coastline of the Irish sea. The scenery changes dramatically with each hole and you won’t get enough of the captivating landscape all around you.

11. South Course at Boulders Resort, Arizona

The Boulders Resort’s Golf Course landscape is distinct from any other golf course on this list. This magnificent golf course features some of the most breathtaking rock formations and sunsets that can’t be seen anywhere else. Moreover, they also have a “Caddiemaster” program that will help you get adjusted to playing at the Boulders Golf Course.

12. TPC Danzante Bay, Mexico

TPC Danzante Bay is a fantastic place to play golf as it offers a multitude of changing landscapes. You’ll see different valleys, arroyos, and dunes, and the stunning views of the Gulf of California act as a cherry on top. The course is specially designed to emphasize the natural scenic beauty of the region.

13. Black Jack’s Crossing, Texas

Black Jack’s Crossing is part of the gigantic 27000 acres Lajitas Golf Resort and is located in a perfect location between the Rio Grande and the Big Bend National Park. The course’s iconic site has a backstory. In these parts, US Army’s legendary General “Black Jack” Pershing and Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa skirmished against one another.

14. Thracian Cliffs Golf Course, Bulgaria

Thracian Cliffs Golf Course is among the most popular golfing tourist attractions in East Europe. The resort’s location is serene as it grants you access to the magnificent views of the majestic Black Sea. Thracian is the most beautiful golf course, according to the famous South African golfer, Gary Player.

15. Golf Club at Redlands Mesa, Colorado

Redlands Mesa Golf Course is another American Golf Course with some unmatched scenery and atmosphere. Here you can find mesmerizing red and pink sandstone rock formations and out of this world views of the Colorado National Monument. Playing golf at Redlands Mesa feels like playing in the lap of the mighty Grand Canyon.

Katie Fitzgerald is the managing editor at Golf Reporter. She found her passion in sports writing over 10 years back and has been playing golf since she was 10 years old.

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