King Cobra Copper Irons

Hey Rock Heads! Today we’re looking at the full line of King Cobra Copper Irons. Including the prototype Rickie Fowler rev33 irons! So strap-in this will be a long one, but a good one!

[Rickie Fowler] had a vision in his head of what he thought would be really cool, unique and pleasing for him to look at

Ben Schomin, Cobra’s Tour operation manager

King Cobra Copper Irons RF Proto Features


Each iron is forged 5 times from a block of 1025 carbon steel to deliver the softest feel desired by the best players.


A high-density tungsten toe weight positions the CG right behind the hitting zone for the purest feeling shots with added stability on off-center hits.


A rich copper finish was hand selected by Rickie Fowler as a finishing touch to make these irons truly one of a kind.


Careful consideration was taken to ensure every aspect of the shape ranging from the topline thickness, to each edge radius suited Rickie’s eye. The design process began with Rickie hand shaping irons on a grinding wheel, and resulted in 33 different prototypes that were tested, and fine-tuned by Rickie himself. At first glance, one will notice the sharp edges and little to no offset that makes these irons strikingly different from anything played on Tour.

Rick Shiels Reviews the Rickie Fowler King rev33 irons


The KING Forged TEC Copper irons feature a hollow construction, forged PWRSHELL Face, and tungsten weighting to create our longest and most forgiving iron in the family with a muscle back shape that appeals to better players.


A classic, muscle back shape conceals an unassuming hollow core that delivers low CG and controlled distance for maximum playability.


A hollow cavity is infused with foam microspheres that fine-tune acoustics and create a softer feel.


A forged face insert creates a larger sweet zone for higher launch and faster ball speed in a compact shape.


Tungsen toe weighting centers the CG behind the hitting zone to maximize distance and precision, even on off-center hits.


ShapeMost Compact MB ShapeCompact CB ShapeTraditional Hollow Shape
Construction5-Step ForgedMetal Injection Molded (MIM)Cast Body & Forged PWRSHELL Face
OffsetNo OffsetMinimal OffsetSlightly More Offset
Sole WidthMost Narrow Sole WidthNarrow Sole WidthTraditional Sole Width
LaunchMid-Low LaunchMid-LaunchMid-High Launch
PerformanceTour Caliber Forged Irons Designed
For Precision & Control
Soft Feel With Shot Making PrecisionDistance & Forgiveness With Precision

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