3 Ways To Know How Long Golf Clubs Will Last

How Long Do Golf Clubs Last?

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Expect many different answers if you ask golfers how long golf clubs should last. Overall, you might hear some say 1 to 3 years. But some will give higher estimates of up to 5 to 10 years. And some might even tell you they never buy new clubs unless they break entirely and need replacing. This last group may even have a golf bag filled with clubs from bygone days like some sort of golf time capsule. None of these answers are going to help you, however. Perhaps a better question is how can you make a reliable estimate of the lifespan of clubs? 

Estimating A Golf Club’s Lifespan

1. Golf Club Types

First, there are many factors to consider when discussing how long a club will stay playable after purchase. And there is no one answer to how long a club will last that will be consistent over all golf club types. For instance, a putter is likely to last much longer than a driver because of how each is used. Of course, a driver will take much more punishment over time as opposed to a putter. So, by contrast, a putter is much more likely to last longer than a driver. Unless you are prone to throwing your putter into nearby water traps, then all bets are off. 

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2. Build Quality and Golf Club Manufacturers

Making things even more complicated is branding, materials, and build quality. For example, buying a name-brand club from well-known and well-respected golf company like Titleist, Callaway, or TaylorMade may indicate that the overall build quality is better than average. And a better build quality can translate to a longer golf club lifespan. But, of course, this isn’t always the case. There are often smaller golf companies putting out the same quality level of clubs as the larger, more popular golf companies. However, whether a club comes from a top name brand company or a smaller niche golf company, a club made with quality components and superior materials by skilled manufacturers can be a good indicator of how much play you will get out of a club over time.

3. A Golf Club’s Life and You

Club type and build quality aside, you may be the biggest factor in the equation. First, think about how often you play. It goes without saying that much of the wear and tear a club sees during its lifetime is up to how often they are taken out of the bag. A club used once or twice a year will keep its playability much longer than a club used weekly or more often.

Second, think about how you play. Are you a “heavy hitter” or a strong driver? Do you hit bombs consistently? Then you probably get the best performance out of your drivers and fairway woods, as a racecar driver does out of their car. But this also may mean you are shortening the life span of those clubs as well. Does this mean that you should take it easy on those clubs? No way! However, player ability can be a factor in estimating the longevity of a golf club.

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But What About The Lifespan Of Used Or Pre-Owned Golf Clubs?

This is a more challenging question. But many of the points above can apply to used clubs as well. For example, club type and club build quality are still significant factors in getting a long life out of your clubs. But how do you know what condition used clubs are really in before you buy them? To be honest, you can never be 100% sure what kind of life any used product has lived before it hit the used market. It is even harder to estimate pre-owned club conditions if you aren’t an expert. That’s where certified pre-owned resellers like Rock Bottom Golf come in.

Like most pre-owned club retailers, RBG has a condition ranking system for used clubs. But unlike some other pre-owned club retailers, Rock Bottom Golf has many years of experience as a golf retailer and a dedicated team of certified pre-owned club experts. Those experts carefully inspect every club that comes through our warehouse doors and puts them into one of the pre-owned club condition rankings below. RBG even has a 30-Day Pre-Owned Playability Guarantee on many of our used clubs, so you can feel extra confident you are getting the quality you expect during purchase.

Rock Bottom Golf’s Used Golf Club Condition Rankings And Categories

Explore the certified pre-owned condition rankings below for more information on each ranking. Also, we have all our certified pe-owned categorized by club type! Check them out!

And don’t forget, we always welcome club trade-ins! We have the highest club trade-in payouts guaranteed! So, upgrade your game today by trading in your old clubs for some new performance-boosting golf clubs with RBG!

True Golf Club Lifespan

So, there are tons of variables to consider when thinking about how long a golf club will stay playable. The three main things to think about are golf club types, build quality, and player usage. And the longevity of used golf clubs can also be estimated by these three points as long as you buy your pre-owned clubs from an experienced retailer with a dedicated expert certified pre-owned team. 

Before You Go!

How long do you keep your golf clubs in play? Do you update your bag every year, or do you wait only until you have to upgrade your clubs? Or are you a mix of both? And have you ever purchased used clubs? If so, did you get them from an online golf retailer like RBG? Or did you purchase them from a second-hand store or some other outlet that sells used clubs? Let us know down in the comments! We would love to hear your opinions!

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