What To Expect At The Masters 2022

What To Expect At The Masters 2022

The 2022 Masters Tournament takes place from April 7th to 10th. Based on the roster already slated to participate in The Masters 2022, there is nothing to say that it will be any less exciting than previous years. As the first major golf tournament of the year, it showcases incredible talent and fierce competition. Many would say it is golf’s most popular event. Even looking back to last year’s champion, history was made.

Starting in the 1930s, the Master’s Tournament is one of the most prestigious golf tour events. As part of one of four major golf events, it is known for being unique with some of the most iconic traditions in golf. The most famous is the green jacket worn by the winner, a visible symbol of golf excellence only a handful of professionals get to wear.

The Masters 2022

2021 Masters Champion

2021 Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama made history with more than just his spectacular play at Augusta. For starters, he was the first Japanese Master’s champion. He was also the first winner to be Born in Asia. This year, he currently sits at the 10th seed with odds of 25 to 1.

The Top Seeds For 2022

This year’s tournament is packed with a field of the best professional golfers in the game. Based on ranking, the top golfer who has been given the best chances to win is Jon Rahm. He is coming off an extended red hot streak, and his odds are slated at 8 to 1. Here is a breakdown of the top 3 players with the best odds of winning:

Jon Rahm: 8 to 1 odds

Colin Morikawa: 12 to 1 odds

Patrick Cantlay: 16 to 1 odds

Masters Selection

The Masters is an invitation-only event. Selections are predicated on several criteria. These are based on past performances in different tournaments around the world. An exception to this is past Masters winners. This group has an open invitation to the tournament. This adds a wild card effect as some of the past master winners have pulled out surprising wins. Examples of this are Jack Nicklaus in 1986 and Tiger Woods in 2019.

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The Purse 2022

There is substantial prize money beyond prestige, a lifetime invitation to golf’s most exclusive tournament, and an array of lucrative golf endorsements. The purse for this year’s Masters tournament is over 11 million dollars. The winner, of course, will take the most significant cut of that money with an 18 percent share. Not too shabby for four days of work.

The Course

The course itself is one of the most famous aspects of the Master’s tournament. The tournament takes place every year at the Augusta National Course in Georgia. The grounds themselves will only have a few minor changes to some of the holes, nothing like other course changes of the past, including notable adjustments after the first win by Tiger Woods at age 21.

Golf Equipment Of The Masters

Have you ever wondered what the Master’s champions use in their golf bag? It is no surprise that they use the same brands and clubs that we offer here. One of the great things about golf is using the same equipment the professionals use to traverse and dominate Augusta. Whether you use the Callaway XR-16 Driver that 2016 Masters winner Danny Willett used or the Ping G400 LS Driver by 2018 winner Patrick Reed, we can outfit you with the best equipment when you go to play.

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Before You Go

Before you go, let us know how you are watching The Masters this year? Are you going to Augusta personally? Or, perhaps, are you watching from the comfort of your living room? And let us know what your favorite Masters’ moments from previous tournaments are as well. Also, who is your favorite this year? Head down into the comments and let us hear from you!

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