Customize Your Clubs!

Hey Rock Heads we just added the ability to customize your clubs to our site! So not only will you find golf’s lowest prices on our site but you can now get the exact specifications for your needs! Nothing’s better than getting clubs tailor made specifically for you! Let us know are you considering customizing your clubs? Have any questions about why you would need them customized? Let us know in the comments below.

Why Customize Your Clubs?

“By getting fit for your clubs, you can make the game easier,”  “For example, by having a driver that is fit to your swing, you can optimize ball flight, which will not only lead to distance gains, but also improved accuracy.”

PGA Professional Tyrus York of the High Performance Golf Academy
  • You can gain maximum performance in both distance and accuracy.
  • Having clubs that fit your body and swing means when taking lessons, you’re able to practice more in line with what your play will be.
  • Custom clubs can help make the most of the tools you have. Pairing the correct clubs with your swing can help you eliminate poor shots on the course, improving performance.
  • The right length puts you in an athletic position and gives you the ability to repeat your swing.
  • Lie helps the club move through the turf which gives more consistent results, and helps counter your misses.
  • It’s important to be fit for the proper weight and flex in your shafts in order to get distance and consistency.
  • While grip relies quite a bit on personal preference, you’ll want to know which type works best with your hand size and preferred feel.

Getting Fitted

Getting fit involves several steps and factors. Companies essentially estimate what the average golfer needs and builds their clubs to those standard. When clubs do not properly fit changes must be made in the swing to accommodate the problem. Since there is no industry standard on any of these specifications the only way to be sure you have the correct clubs is to get a personal fitting. Next time you are in the market for new clubs do not be afraid to ask your local professional for a fitting session. It is certainly worth the short wait to custom order clubs and ensure they are exactly what you should be playing with.

James Robinson shows off the MASSIVE difference between Professionally fitted clubs and Off-the-shelf clubs.

List of Brands Available for Customization

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