Golf In The News – August 18

Lots of interesting golf articles & angles in the news lately! Here’s a few that caught my eye:

  • Who Owns Morefar Back O’Beyond Golf Course? – investigation into a mysteriously deserted private course in New York. “Very few people here ever set foot on Morefar,” he said. “The course gets like six rounds a day.”
  • Callaway v Titleist: Round 2 – a new wrinkle in the Pro V1 lawsuit, as the US Court of Appeals overturned a previous ruling and has ordered a new trial in this case that led to a ban on retail sales of the most popular golf ball on the PGA Tour.
  • A New Asian Surge On The Way to PGA? – Y.E. Yang became the first Asian-born golfer to win a major, but he’s only one of an exploding population of golfers from the region. The PGA is reaching out more, too, with a World Golf Championship event, the HSBC Champions, being played in Shanghai this November. Stay ahead of the curve and get filled in with this analysis from the AP.
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