A Quick Look at the Cobra F-MAX Irons

The Cobra F-MAX line of clubs was specifically engineered for the golfer with moderate swing speeds. If that is you, these clubs are specifically made for you to help you play your BEST! The Cobra F-MAX Irons come packed with features to improve your scores including lighter shafts and swing weights, plus progressive head and specialty wedge construction. Check them out TODAY!

Some Cobra F-MAX Irons features

  • Lighter Shafts for maximum distance on moderate swing speeds.
  • Ligher Swing Weights to improve launch speeds for moderate swingers.
  • Larger Grips to improve comfort and swing consistancy.
  • Deeper Undercut Head Design for improved launch and max ball speed off center hits.
  • Progressive Head Construction for improved spee and distance in the 4 -7 irons, and ultra-soft feel and precision in the 8 – SW irons.
  • Specialty Wedge Construction provides added versatility and shot control.
  • Premium Chrome Finish for a premium look with increased durability.
  • Back/Heel CG for straighter and more forgiving ball flights.
  • Offset Design provide straighter and more accurate approach shots.
  • Greater Lofts helps provide easier launch for maximum carry distance to moderate swing speed golfers.

Check out all these features in more detail!

Check Out The Whole Cobra F-MAX family of clubs

Check Out the Whole Family of Cobra F-MAX Clubs!
Cobra F-MAX Irons Specifications
According to Cobra

The F-MAX Irons are our lightest, most forgiving irons. Featuring Ultralight Technology, lightweight shafts and swing weights deliver maximum speed and forgiveness for golfers with moderate swing speeds.


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