17 Best Golf Balls For 2022: Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade And MORE!

4 Important Performance Features Of Golf Balls

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Playing with the best equipment can make all the difference on the golf course. This includes choosing the right golf ball for the right situation. Manufacturers use technology to infuse their golf balls with high-performance features. These can enhance distance, spin, visibility, and more. Many manufacturers use multiple layers to offer these and other features in one ball. Here are some examples of golf balls with their unique features for the different needs you will face on the course.


One high-performance feature that is essential is distance. There are several ways manufacturers build the golf ball to give greater distance with each swing. Spaulding Pure Speed Golf Balls use a high-energy titanium core to maximize distance. This type of core helps transfer energy from your swing to the ball.

Improved ball speed is another key feature that can improve distance. Beyond just gaining distance from enhancements to the ball’s core, improvements to the casing can also increase distance. Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball uses a high-speed Ionomer casing to do this. Another benefit of the ionomer coating is less spin, which can be ideal for less experienced golfers. 

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While spin may be less useful to less experienced golfers, it is a feature valuable to those with greater skill. The Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Balls are designed just for this need. These balls are made to offer high spin using a Smart Cover technology. This, of course, is just one benefit of this ball. Most balls offer multiple benefits through multiple layers.


The Taylormade TP5x Golf Ball is an excellent example of a multiple-layer ball that offers many benefits. Constructed with five layers, it can do a lot for your golf game. The Tri-Fast Core helps reduce drag while increasing distance. The soft urethane cover helps with increased groove interaction offering more control in and around the green. The ball itself is constructed with gradually stiffer layers and flexible material. This creates a ball with a lot of elasticity and energy transfer. The result is a ball that can go farther than a lower quality ball.

High Visibility Golf Balls

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It may seem too simple to be classified as a performance feature. But the ability to track your golf ball in flight can be significant. Ball visibility is also a convenient feature that can help you locate your ball on the green, fairway, or rough. 

The Srixon Q Star Tour Divide Golf Ball will ensure you never fail to find your ball again. You will find this ball much quicker by combining two bright colors to each ball than a traditional white ball. And combining two colors on the same ball can also be beneficial in visualizing ball spin as well. 

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The Best Performing Golf Balls In 2022

Titleist Pro V1

Long-distance, extremely low long game spin, penetrating flight, Drop-and-Stop greenside control, and a very soft feel are all features of the Titleist Pro V1. The high-flex shell layer increases speed while reducing long-game spin. Pro V1x Left Dash was the first to develop and certify this very robust, high-speed ionomer. A soft cast urethane elastomer cover – the softest cover composition ever utilized on a Pro V1 – boosts greenside spin for improved control in the short game.

Titleist AVX

The new Titleist AVX golf balls are designed for golfers who want to take their game to the next level with innovative technology that provides low flight, low iron spin for more distance, a very soft feel, and even more control. High speed and low long game spin are generated by the reformulated core and high flex casing layer. A new 348 catenary dimple design with spherically tiled tiles provides a more constant flying and longer range.

Callaway Chrome Soft

Chrome Soft is superior for all players, from novices to world champions. The Chrome Soft Golf Ball is now longer through the bag thanks to Callaway’s unique new Precision Technology while maintaining the trademark soft feel that golfers adore. Chrome Soft 22 is intended for a wide spectrum of players who want exceptional feel, distance, and forgiveness. Callaway’s signature Chrome Soft feel, longer distance off the tee, low spinning iron shots, and a high level of greenside control are essential performance qualities.

Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track

For increased putting accuracy, Callaway has prominently placed Triple Track lines on the ball. Compared to a standard side stamp alignment aid, Triple Track uses Vernier Hyper Acuity to improve alignment. Furthermore, our new Precision Technology provides the narrowest dispersion, consistently fast ball speeds, and overall performance. To produce the greatest quality golf balls, Callaway has improved every component and design aspect.

TaylorMade TP5

TaylorMade’s TP5 is the Most Complete Tour Ball today for a reason: it’s not built like the others. It is the only 5-layer Tour ball and provides unrivaled performance off the tee, on the fairways, and around the green. The TaylorMade TP5 is the better ball for all shots on the golf field.

TaylorMade TP5 pix

ClearPath Alignment is the game’s most innovative visual technique. It not only improves visibility, but it also has Tour-proven functionality to assist you in aligning on the green and assessing the quality of your putting stroke. Playing it is the only way to see it.

TaylorMade TP5x

The all-new Tour Flight Dimple Pattern takes aerodynamics to the next level while still encouraging maximum carry distances and a steep angle of descent for stopping power, especially with long irons. TaylorMade has introduced a softer cast urethane cover to the TP5x for more groove interaction on greenside strokes, resulting in more spin and improved feel.

Srixon Z-Star Divide

The all-new Z-STAR DIVIDE features a high-contrast 50/50 urethane cover, making its unrivaled spin more noticeable and making alignment easier than ever before. The Z-STAR DIVIDE has the same control and stopping power as the original Z-STAR. The Z-STAR DIVIDE begins soft in the middle and progressively becomes firm around the edges, providing outstanding feel and enough ball speed for maximum distance for high-speed players.

Titleist Velocity

With the new Titleist® Velocity golf balls, you can take your game to new heights. It was engineered for explosive distance, fast speed, high launch, and low long game spin. The redesigned LSX core was created to give maximum distance while delivering greater speed on full swing shots.

Callaway Superfast

The new Superfast Golf Balls use high-speed core, cover, and aerodynamic innovations to promote long distance through the bag. These balls promote enhanced speed while simultaneously giving exceptional feel, flight, durability, and greenside control, thanks to Callaway’s hybrid cover with a unique PARALOID Impact Modifier. This multi-material structure is designed for distance and provides excellent scoring performance on the green.

Bridgestone Tour B X

The TOUR B X with REACTIV iQ provides improved ball speed for maximum distance off the tee as well as a hit-and-sit performance on approach shots. The TOUR B X is designed for golfers seeking more distance and having a swing speed of over 105 MPH. Bryson DeChambeau helped develop the New TOUR B X, and he and Matt Kuchar compete with it in professional events.

Snake Eyes Soft Distance

With a soft, high-energy core and ultra-thin cover, the Snake Eyes Soft Distance Golf Ball transfers swing speed into long, hot, and straight shots. This ball has low compression and a sophisticated 392-aerodynamic-dimple design for an excellent feel. These premium Snake Eyes golf balls give better distance and a fantastic feel on every stroke.

Snake Eyes Extreme Distance

The Snake Eyes Extreme Distance Golf Balls contain a high-energy core that gives you the best of both worlds: explosive distance and feel. The innovative 392 aerodynamics dimple design creates a piercing ball flight with tight dispersion characteristics, while the specifically developed cover material offers exceptional responsiveness and a crisp feel off every club.

Srixon Z-Star Diamond

The new Z-STAR DIAMOND offers a unique combination of greenside control and long-game distance, as well as improved spin on long and mid-iron shots. If you want to hold the green from anywhere on the course, the Z-STAR DIAMOND is the ball for you.

Srixon Q-Star Tour

The Q-STAR TOUR offers all of the qualities you’d expect from a tour ball, but its low compression is tailored to a medium swing speed. Q-STAR TOUR provides the distance required to stay ahead of the competition and the necessary greenside spin to park it by difficult pins. Because of the progressive transition from a soft inner core to a hard outside edge, the FastLayer Core provides distance and a soft feel without sacrificing comfort.

Callaway Warbird

The Warbird Golf Ball is designed with a high-energy core and a 2-piece construction for maximum distance and speed. It also encourages a high launch with feel and control to go with all of that distance. Try the new Callaway Warbird if you want to hit the ball farther.

Titleist TruFeel

Titleist has it all: the feel, the distance, and the style. The new Titleist® TruFeelTM golf ball is the softest Titleist golf ball ever, featuring a thinner cover for a greater feel around the green. Plus, the quality you’d expect from the world’s best golf ball. The reformulated TruFlex Cover provides the softest feel of any Titleist golf ball. TruFeel is for you if you value feeling but are reluctant to sacrifice quality or performance.

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Did we miss your favorite golf ball? What are you using this golf season? And why do you use the golf balls you play with? Do you play more than one brand of ball? Or do you stick to an “old tried and true” favorite? Let us know down in the comments! We love to hear from our readers!

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