The Alien Roswell Wedge

Hey, Rock Heads The all-new Alien Roswell wedge has ARRIVED! Be one of the first to own this amazing wedge. Never worry about a tight lie or bunker shot again.



  • Firstly, the Dynamic Gravity Rail™ System offers a unique bounce and shape that is only found in our Alien Wedge. The deep undercut sole design and perimeter weighting allowed us to obtain the perfect CG optimizing weight and forgiveness. In addition, this sole design makes it possible to create a thinner face for unmatched playability and feel. The Roswell’s® unique rail design was carefully engineered to give you exceptional sole interaction out of any condition which allows versatility for all shots, swing types and lie conditions. Simply line up the Alien Wedge square to your target and let the magic happen…yes, it’s that easy!


  • Secondly, our designers went to great lengths to create and test the unique Space Gel and Stabilizing Bar technologies. The Alien medallion is comprised of our proprietary Space Gel ™ which utilizes technology that aids in dampening vibration and contributing to a softer feel. Our two Stabilizing Bars not only help reinforce the club face but also are a key element in giving you an unmatched feel and forgiveness on off center hits.


  • Thirdly, after extensive testing, we found the perfect shaft that would complement our high-performance head design. This Wedge Flex shaft offers the responsive feel and accuracy that sets the Roswell® Wedge apart from the competition.


  • Lastly, the unique Full Faced CNC milled grooves provide ultimate spin and control from all lies and shot types. The laser engraved face repeats the word “Alien” in Morse Code for additional spin between the grooves. Don’t let This groundbreaking design not only looks great but was engineered to perform. These specialized grooves offer maximum spin on both full and partial shots from any condition giving you the confidence and control to dial in your short game.

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