Cleveland RTX Full Face Wedge

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Features & Specs


Our hosel-to-toe groove pattern covers every millimeter of the face in UltiZip grooves. That means you can hit it off the toe whenever you need to and still get a great spin.


And then the low-density core sits at the heart of RTX Full-Face, repositioning the center of gravity and boosting overall MOI. Thus, helping you strike more shots on the sweet spot, adds consistency to every aspect of your short game. It also provides a nice boost to spin, feel, and control.


Razor-sharp to slice through grass and debris. That’s exactly what is needed to crank up spin numbers. Coincidentally? It also increases control exponentially. That’s because the groove pattern is tighter than ever – resulting in more groove contact on every strike.


To increase durability, we hit each RTX Full-Face wedge with a carefully timed blast of heat. The treatment restructures the wedge’s metallic grain structure, making the grooves stronger and longer-lasting so the performance keeps coming, round after round.


The optimal High-Toe profile lets you open the face with confidence, knowing that you’re covered when the club slides under the ball. We made sure to give enough area for performance on challenging shots while maintaining a classic silhouette address.


Also, the Full-Face Grind offers unparalleled performance on shots that call for an open face. The C-Shaped relief on the heel and toe lets you manipulate the face with ease, and promotes versatility around the greens. You won’t have any question as to what the C stands for once it’s in your hands.


  • Open face shots
  • A neutral to shallow attack angle
  • Medium or firm conditions
  • Scorecards


Loft/Bounce (*)GrindLie (*)Length (“)Swing Weight
50/09C-SHAPED6435 7/16D4
52/09C-SHAPED6435 7/16D4
54/09C-SHAPED6435 3/16D5
56/09C-SHAPED6435 3/16D5
58/09C-SHAPED6434 7/8D5
60/09C-SHAPED6434 7/8D5
64/09C-SHAPED6434 7/8D5


Dynamic Gold Spinner gives you everything you love in a Tour Issue wedge shaft – stability, control, and consistency – but is built to help you generate extra spin and tour-level stopping power.

FlexWeight (g)Butt Diameter (“)Spin


The most popular grip in golf today combines an exclusive, state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability, comfort, and confidence.

Inside DiameterWeight (g)
58 Round52

Cleveland RTX Full Face Wedge: Reviews

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