Wilson Staff Model CB Irons

Hey, Rock Heads, back again with another look at Spotlight on some clubs! This time we’re taking a look at the new Wilson Staff Model CB Irons! Available now on our site. Thinking of picking these bad boys up? Well read on and hopefully we can help you decide if these are for you! And after reading let us know if you plan to pick these up? If not, why? Like what you read here; then make sure you share our blog with your friends!



The Tri-Brace Stabilizer in the cavity of the club head helps transfer more energy to the ball while delivering incredible sound and feel.


Twenty grams of high-density tungsten in the toe of long and mid irons enhances head and stability at impact and lowers the center of gravity, for reliably consistent shots.


Forged 8620 carbon steel face is backed by an integrated impact mass area, providing a solid, muscle back-like feel but with a cavity back design that helps to deliver maximum consistency on all types of shots.


Michael Newton Golf Sees what he thinks of the iron in terms of looks, feel as well as TrackMan numbers on it’s performance.
PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the new Wilson Staff Model CB irons at Marriott Worsley Park

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