How To Spot A “Good Golfer” According To Reddit

Ah, the elusive “good golfer.” We’ve all seen them striding confidently down the fairway, their clubs practically glowing with an aura of superiority. But how do you really spot one? Is it the brand of their clubs, the swagger in their step, or perhaps the mystical way they can actually hit a ball straight? Well, dear readers, we’ve scoured the Reddit comments in this post to give you the ultimate guide, or not-so-ultimate guide, on spotting a good golfer. Buckle up; this is going to be a hole-in-one of a read.

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How Do You Spot A Good Golfer?

So, how do you actually spot a good golfer? It’s not just about the swing or the scorecard. A good golfer can be identified by a combination of factors: their gear, demeanor, attire, pre-shot routine, and even their pace and etiquette on the course. At least, that is according to this Reddit post: What makes you assume that someone is a good golfer?

Top Comments

The comments on that Reddit post were fun and insightful, as Reddit comments can usually be. At least when they aren’t problematic, that is. But here are some of the top comments from the current count of 586 total. Or at least, here are my favorites!

bulldg4life had this to say about how they personally spot a good golfer, “Old clubs with new grips. A single white towel that is wet in one corner draped over their clubs.

And user 58G52A had this keen observation about how good golfers are keeping it tight on the course, “I’ve noticed the best golfers don’t have 9 empty cans of Bud Light in the cart basket by 9th hole.

While user spankysladder73 had this to say about spotting them in the wild, “Seeing a ‘good’ golfer is like seeing a mountain lion. We know they are out there (stalking around quietly sneaking up and raking their bunkers and fixing their divots and ball marks), but not many actually see them in a wild setting.

According To Reddit, Here Are The Top 5 Ways To Spot A “Good Golfer.”

1. Technical Skills and Equipment

First up, let’s talk about the gearheads and tech junkies. You know, those who treat their clubs like they’re made of vibranium. According to our trusty Reddit dwellers, the sound of a well-struck ball and the type of shaft in a golfer’s driver can tell you a lot about their skill level.

  • rep_rehensible commented:The sound of a ball being properly compressed is generally a good clue.
  • Night_Putting commented: A great player has a Hzrdus Hulk TX shaft in the Driver. I have never encountered a single player with this shaft that isn’t an absolute monster.
  • thehappiestdad commented: A staff bag with Mizuno blades with a circular discoloration on every sweet spot.


2. Demeanor and Attitude

Next, let’s delve into the psychology of the game. The good golfers, it seems, have mastered the art of Zen—or at least, they’re really good at faking it. Calmness, focus, and the ability to recover from bad shots are the hallmarks of a player who knows what they’re doing.

  • tjuub commented:Every ‘good’ golfer I have seen has had a sort of calmness throughout their round. Some don’t even give you a single tell when they’ve hit a great shot.
  • golfpinotnut commented: “The one give away for a really good golfer is the quality of their ‘bad’ shots. They rarely get short-sided, and can scramble a par from most situations.
  • doublerobusto commented:I don’t tell people I’m a good player; I play with better players, but groups ahead tend to notice the single golfer playing well.

3. Appearance and Presentation

So, let’s talk fashion and flair. Yes, you read that right. Apparently, how a golfer dresses can be a dead giveaway of their skill level. But beware, it’s not always the ones dressed like they’re about to walk a runway who are the real deal.

  • Shepherdsfavestore commented:Before I watch them hit? Typically how they dress is the biggest indicator for me.
  • PassportAndCash commented:For me, I rarely worry about the guy who has matching headcovers, shirt tucked in with a nice belt and a cool matching outfit.
  • Snoo-821 commented:Golf bag beat to shit, has driver and 3 wood with ratty headcovers, irons are worn out, putter is immaculate.


4. Pre-Shot Routine and Practice Habits

Ah, the pre-shot routine—the ballet of golf, if you will. Good golfers have this down to a science. Whether it’s a couple of practice swings or a specific set of movements, these routines are as much a part of their game as the clubs they use.

  • KnottysReturn commented:I can usually tell by the pre-shot routine and set up.
  • strosfan1001 commented:I can usually tell by how they handle themselves and the bag. How do they approach warmup and the putting green.
  • Quint1231 commented:When they have the same routine every. Single. Shot. Not sure I’ve ever met someone who truly sucked when they have good habits.

5. Pace of Play and Course Etiquette

Finally, let’s talk about pace and etiquette. Good golfers not only know how to play the game but also how to play it quickly and courteously. They’re the ones who are always ready to take their shot and understand the course’s unspoken rules.

  • AKaseman commented:Understanding when to walk/drive forward while other players are hitting to keep proper pace.
  • Front_Farmer345 commented:If I’m in a group and anyone is playing solo I’d let them through simply because of the shot differential they’d be quicker.
  • SaintedRomaine commented:When playing ready golf, tees off first every time. Think about it.

So There You Have It: How To Spot A Good Golfer According to Reddit

So, now you’ve got five foolproof ways to identify a good golfer. Whether it’s the gear they use, the calm demeanor they maintain, the fashion-forward or fashion-backward way they dress, their pre-shot rituals, or their impeccable course etiquette, you’ll be able to spot a pro from a mile away. Or at least from the next tee box. But remember, golf is a game of humility, so even if you’ve got all these traits down, there’s always room for a triple bogey. Keep swinging, and may your drives be as straight as your putts are true.

But How About You?

How do you spot a good golfer in the wild? Is it their technique, equipment, etiquette, or something else entirely? Go on, tee off how you spot exceptional golfers down in the comments!

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