A Quick Look at Wilson Golf Driver vs Driver 2

A Quick Look at the Wilson Golf Driver vs Driver 2

Driver vs Driver by Wilson Golf is a show that follows the journey of aspiringĀ golf equipment designers as they compete to develop the next world class driver for Wilson Golf. 14 finalists are selected out of hundreds of concepts that are sent in. The finalists then present their ideas to a panel of judges while the concepts are field tested and critiqued by PGA Tour Players as well as sports and entertainment celebrities. Ultimately, one contestant’s design is chosen as the winner, netting them $250,000 as well as having their design actually produced and become available for purchase. And yes, we’ll have the winning design here at Rock Bottom Golf!

Judges –

  • Tim Clarke – President of Wilson GolfWilson Golf Driver vs Driver
  • Jeremy Roenick – Former NHL Player & Avid Golfer
  • Rick Shiels – PGA Golf Pro & Social Media Influencer

Driver vs Driver will premiere on October 2nd at 9:00 p.m on the Golf Channel. It is slated for 7 episodes, airing on Tuesdays from October 2nd through November 13th.

Take a look at the Season 2 preview!

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