Wilson Staff Cortex Driver Spotlight

Hello, Rockheads! This week we are taking a look at the Wilson Staff Cortex Driver. The Wilson Staff Cortex Driver is the Winner of the Wilson Driver Vs. Driver Season 2 driver design competition. This competition was an opportunity for anyone in the world to create the next big thing in drivers. The Cortex driver so far looks like it can compete with the best products on the market, and is shaping up to be a complete driver solution as well. Take a look at the Cortex driver features and the product videos below to see what the driver can do for you! And let us know what you think of the Wilson Cortex driver in the comments as well! Will it be finding a home in your bag?

Fast Cage puts the weight where you want it, maximizing distance and spin for all swings.

Wilson Staff Cortex Driver Features

Wilson Cortex Driver Exploded FastCage technology

  • Fast Cage Technology – A lighter weight head with a rigid titanium skeleton provides stability with better weight distribution for greater adjustability.
  • Spin Control – The slide track provides an increased range of spin options to control ball flight adjustments for either lower launch, longer fairway rollouts or higher launch, longer carry distances.
  • Direction Control – Two interchangeable weights come standard on the Cortex, an 8g toe weight and a 2g heel weight. These can be swapped around to obtain a draw setting.
  • Trajectory Control – The Fast Fit hosel allows for half-degree increment loft adjustments to fine tune the ball trajectory.

Wilson Staff Cortex – We’re These Guys

Intro – Wilson Staff Cortex Driver

Spin Control – Wilson Staff Cortex

Direction Control – Wilson Staff Cortex

Trajectory Control – Wilson Staff Cortex

Launch Control – Wilson Staff Cortex

Cortex driver

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