Mizuno JPX919 Irons Spotlight

Hello and welcome, Rockheads! This week we are looking at the brand-new Mizuno JPX919 Irons. These irons come in three different sets that cater to the player’s handicap. The Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal irons are aimed at the higher handicapper, and the Mizuno JPX919 Forged irons are aimed at the middle to low handicapper. And the last of the three, the Mizuno JPX919 Tour irons, are geared more towards the pro player. Take a look at all the resources below including the review videos and club stats to get a better overview of what these clubs are all about! What do you think? Will you be gaming the new Mizuno JPX919 Irons? Let us know below in the comments!

Tour JPX919 Irons Specs

Mizuno JPX919 Tour irons specs

Forged JPX919 Irons Specs

Mizuno JPX919 Forged irons specs

Hot Metal JPX919 Irons Specs

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal irons specs


In this video, Rick Shiels does an in-depth review of each of the three different Mizuno JPX919 iron sets. He tests them all inside gathering critical hit data and outside on the course to compare how each of the three sets actually performs “on the job.” After he tests the clubs, Rick then summarizes his thoughts on the new Mizuno JPX919 Irons at the end of the video. Take a look!

Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Irons Review – GolfBox Video Review

In this review from GolfBox, Alex Etches goes above and beyond to get the inside scoop on the new Mizuno JPX919 Irons by actually visiting Mizuno Golf in Japan. He puts together a small montage of video footage from inside the plant of the manufacturing process. Alex even gets his camera “stolen” by the president of Mizuno, Mr. Akito Mizuno himself! Take a look at this must-see video, and see what Alex has to say about the Mizuno JPX919 Irons!

Mizuno JPX919 Tour v Forged v Hot Metal Irons Review – Golfalot Video Review

Here is an excellent video by Martin Hopley from Golfalot that compares each of the three models of the Mizuno JPX919 Irons. See what is similar and what is different between all the models. Martin also briefly talks about the comparison between the new JPX919 to the previous JPX900 model irons. There is tons of information here to help you decide whether you will benefit from gaming the Mizuno JPX919 Irons. Take a look and judge for yourself!

First Hit with Sir Nick Faldo: Mizuno JPX919 Irons – Today’s Golfer Video Review

Review: Mizuno JPX 919 irons – GOLFTEC Video Review

Mizuno JPX919 Hot Metal irons / Chromoly 4140M – Mizuno Product Video

Here is a Mizuno product video for the JPX919 Hot Metal irons that highlights Chromoly 4140M.

Mizuno JPX919 Forged irons / Boron infused steel – Mizuno Product Video

Here is another Mizuno product video that highlights the JPX919 Forged irons.

Mizuno JPX919 Tour irons / 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel – Mizuno Product Video

And here is one more Mizuno product video highlighting the JPX919 Tour irons with 1025 Pure Select Mild Carbon steel.

Mizuno JPX919 Irons product ad banner

So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below. Will you be gaming the new Mizuno JPX919 irons?

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