TaylorMade SIM Drivers Spotlight

Hello, today we are going to spotlight the full line of TaylorMade SIM Drivers! Here you will find all you need to know about these clubs. But what do you think? After viewing the information below and reviewing the TaylorMade SIM Drivers, will you be giving them a test drive? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

In our limitless pursuit to help golfers improve, we’ve discovered the new shape of driver performance. An asymmetric sole design and powerful new Inertia Generator combine to increase aerodynamics and speed at the most critical stage of the swing.

  • We Took CG Lower to Take You Higher A V Steel sole and Multi-material construction allowed engineers to precisely position weight in the head for ultra-low CG.
  • We Reshaped the Driver, So You Can Reshape Your Game. In TaylorMade’s limitless pursuit to help golfers improve, they’ve discovered the new shape of driver performance.
  • Twist Face Uses corrective face designed to overcome golfer tendencies on mis-hits and produces straighter shots while providing the largest face in the SIM family for even more confidence

TaylorMade Driver Specifications

MAX Specifications

MAX-D Specifications

#SimDriver’s rotated Inertia Generator is designed to make the club more aerodynamic at the most crucial moment of your move—the downswing—for more ball speed and improved forgiveness.


TaylorMade SIM Golf Review

Rick takes a look at the new TaylorMade Sim Drivers. He goes over the technology and design of these. Also, he then takes them out on the golf course and the indoor sim to test them out. Watch the video to see what Rick thinks about these TaylorMade Sim drivers.

Dustin Johnson slow-mo shot

Dustin Johnson goes out to the green to give us a slow-mo look at the swing with the Taylormade driver.

The TaylorMade lineup

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