Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf – Unwritten Rules

Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf

Today on Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf – Unwritten Rules. Sports have a number of unwritten rules, baseball, basketball and more. We like to focus on golf though, a sport littered with numerous unwritten rules. We will address the ones that we know of, if we miss any please let us know!

Unwritten Rules


Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf - Unwritten Rules

Nobody is perfect, if YOU have ever been golfing then you have shanked a shot. Should you warn golfer in the way of your wayward shot though? Is yelling FORE a must for YOU and your playing partners?

Silence YOUR Phone

Imagine that you’re in your backswing and all of the sudden “Who Let The Dogs Out” starts blaring from somebody’s phone. We assume that the somebody whose phone rang is going to get a few evil stares and not be invited to the 19th hole. How do YOU handle your cell phone on the course?

Shadow Monster

Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf - Unwritten Rules

We have all played with somebody who doesn’t fully understand what a shadow monster is. When you’re on the putting green and YOU line up for that crucial putt, then all the sudden in your line a shadow of your playing partner. You miss the putt and your playing partner is none the wiser. How do YOU handle shadow monsters in your putting line?

Let Faster Groups Play Through

One of the most common issues you hear people say about golf is “it takes to long.” One way to combat that is to allow faster players to play through. It shouldn’t hurt your pride if you take 4 hours but other players take 3.5 hours. How do YOU handle letting groups play through?

Talking to Somebody Else’s Golf Ball

If YOU hit a drive and it appears to go left of your target line you naturally tell it to “get right.” How would YOU feel if your playing partner tells your ball what to do?

Return Lost Clubs

Have YOU ever walked to a green with a wedge and putter in hand? Then you putt the ball and walk to the cart, leaving your wedge on the green. That wedge never finds it’s way back into your golf bag though. ALWAYS return a found club to the pro shop, it will help with your golf karma.

Rake The Bunker

Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf - Unwritten Rules

A lot of golfers have spent more time in the sand than David Hasselhoff. The group behind YOU could end up in the same spot as YOU, be courteous and rake the bunker.

Fix Your Divots

When YOU hit the perfect putt and a foot away from going in, BOOM, your ball hits a divot and bounces 2 feet offline and now your looking at a bogey. In no world is it ever okay to NOT repair your divot.

Tip Well

For YOU a round of golf is fun, for the cart attendants, the beverage cart driver and etc. it is their job. Are YOU a tipper on the golf course?

P.S the beverage cart driver is not really into you.

Walking In Putting Line

Just like a divot a shoe spike mark can make your ball bounce offline. How do YOU feel when somebody walks in your putting line?

Giving Advice

Sometimes you’re playing poorly and the playing partner who you normally beat by 10 strokes is telling you how to play golf. Do YOU like unsolicited advice? Are YOU guilty of giving unsolicited advice?

Dress Code

How do YOU feel about a dress code on the golf course? Are jeans acceptable? Collared shirts only? How about cargo shorts, non-golf shoes, and a t-shirt? What are YOUR dressing rules on the course?

SilenceTee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf - Unwritten Rules

We have all been in a situation before, YOU line up the perfect shot and when you get to the top of your swing your playing partner asks “how have you been?” The shot ends up slicing 20 yards in the woods. How do YOU feel about talking during your backswing?

After Round Hand Shake

How do YOU end your round? With a full embrace or by removing your hat and shaking hands?

Did we miss any “unwritten rules?” We want to hear from YOU!

Thanks for reading this Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf – Unwritten Rules edition

2 thoughts on “Tee It Up With Rock Bottom Golf – Unwritten Rules

  • November 25, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    Even if you are playing “ready golf” you never tee off before a player who had birdie unless your score was as good or better.

  • January 3, 2019 at 9:27 pm

    When tending the pin, always hold down the flag so it doesn’t flap in the breeze as someone is putting


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