Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Spotlight

Hello, Rockheads! This week we are taking a look at the new Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge. Cleveland is known for superior wedges, and the new RTX 4 wedges are on exception. Cleveland is advertising the RTX 4 as a wedge with tons of versatility that feels better and creates more spin on every shot. The versatility comes from 4 different grinds to match up to any shot you may face during your short game, and the increased spin comes from the improved, 4th generation Rotex Face Technology. Take a look at all the information and review videos below to get a better idea of what the new RTX 4 Wedge is all about. Will you include it in your short game? Let us know below in the comments!

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge features at a glance.

Stacked RTX 4 Wedges - RTX 4 Wedge

  • Rotex Face Technology – Get more spin whit the 4th generation Rotex Face that features sharper grooves and a more aggressive milled face pattern.
  • Tour-Developed Sole Grinds – Be ready for every short game shot imaginable with the versatility of 4 different sole grinds: FULL, MID, LOW, and XLOW
    • rtx 4 full grind - RTX 4 WedgeFULL – traditional mid-bounce
    • rtx 4 full grind - RTX 4 WedgeMID – V-Shaped sole
    • rtx 4 full grind - RTX 4 WedgeLOW – C-Shaped sole
    • rtx 4 full grind - RTX 4 WedgeXLOW – Lowest bounce
  • Tour Shaping – A smaller tour-driven head shape creates better workability plus confidence at address.
  • Progressive Feel Balancing Technology – Get even more short game control with next-gen Feel Balancing Technology.
  • Tour-Authentic Components – The RTX 4 Wedge comes standard with the #1 PGA Tour shafts and grips.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge Specs

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges stats - RTX 4 Wedge


Here is an in-depth, full review of the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges by Rick Shiels. He takes them out on to the course and tests them inside to gather shot data as well. Take a look to see what Rick finds out about these wedges, and also find out what his impressions and opinions are on them.

Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge | Gear Review | Golf Monthly – Golf Monthly Video Review

Here is another great review to watch on the new Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges. Joel Tadman from Golf Monthly talks about who these clubs are for and what technology you can find these clubs. He then tests them out on the course and gives his impressions. Take a look!

RTX 4 | Our Most Tour Authentic Wedge – Product Video

This product video from Cleveland Golf highlights the RTX 4 and its technology and cutting-edge design. There are some manufacturing captures to give you a better idea of the actual manufacturing process that goes into these exceptional, Tour authentic clubs. Take a look to find out more!

RTX 4 | Get More From Your Short Game – Product Teaser Video

Here is a quick product highlight video from Cleveland Golf. This video also contains some cool manufacturing captures. Get a better idea of what to expect in the new Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges!

Cleveland RTX 4 banner

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Plus, let us know what you think of these clubs! Will you be adding them to your bag… do you already own them? If so, how do they play? What are your impressions and opinions on the new Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge? Comment below!

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