Keep Your Golf Game Sharp Til Spring!

Practice At Home
Summer is long gone and the best golfin’ days of 2013 are behind us. I know that it’s gettin’ chilly for many of your Rock Heads, so Scratch has put together a list of ways to keep your game tiptop til spring. Even if you can’t get 18 holes in, there are still great ways to practice!


1) Practice your putting.

Your short game is going to be the first thing to suffer during the off season. Luckily putting is one of the simplest things to practice at home. There are tons of products available to help your putting, from complete putting greens to ball return systems if you are using the living room carpet.  Practice your distance control by placing your golf ball on a penny and  then choosing various distances to attempt touching the golf ball without knocking it off the penny.

2) Setup a driving net in your garage.

Just swinging the club each week can help keep you in shape for striking the ball. Golf nets are a great option for those looking to take full swings while also getting the realistic response. Nets can be simple designs featuring a single vertical net with slack to stop the ball, or long cages like a baseball batting cage. When using a net, you can still take a full swing, even with a real ball without damaging your neighbors’ house.

3)  Take your chipping practice inside.

If the weather is too could to practice in your backyard, you can actually work on chipping inside. Chipping and pitching require so much sensitivity in feel and touch that even a short absence from the game cause an increase in your scores. Place a golf towel on the floor between 8 and 10 feet away from you. Use your pitching wedge to chip balls onto the towel. Concentrate on landing them directly onto the towel instead of hitting the ground in front of it and letting it roll onto the surface. This will help you improve your ability to chip into target zones.

4) Find an indoor driving range.

Obviously, the benefits of this are straight forward.  If you can get to the range regularly over the winter, you can see how your drives, long irons, and short game are all doing based on your practice in the garage.

5) Watch as much golf as you can.

Sometimes you need to the see the game to be the game.  If you pay close attention to how the pros hit the ball, it eventually will sink in to your head and you can attempt to mimic this on the range.

Want to work on your swing at home? Check out the video below!


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