Cleveland RTX 3 Wedge

We may be a little late in spotlighting these wedges, but we thought they deserved another look if you haven’t already experienced them for yourself. After all, they are one of the select few wedges that made the gold standard in the Golf Digest 2018 Best Wedges list. Down below we compiled a few feature and review videos on the Cleveland RTX 3 Wedges. So check them out to discover what the professionals have to say about them. Shape up your short game with a Cleveland RTX 3 Wedge!

Cleveland Golf RTX-3 Wedge Technology

In this feature video, Cleveland gives the run-down on the technology and design aspects found in their RTX 3 Wedge line. With a better center of gravity, better groove design, and the three new V-shaped grind sole designs, the Cleveland RTX 3 wedge will get you closer to the hole every time! They are a true game changer!

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Watch Rick talk about his impressions on the Cleveland RTX 3 wedge. He goes over detailed shot data to see how they perform. Rick first takes the RTX 3 wedges out on the course to put them through their paces and then brings them back inside to get performance stats. There are definitely differences between the previous RTX models from Cleveland and the newer model RTX 3 Wedges. Rick gives you the rundown of those changes. Take a look at the video and find out what Rick thinks about the Cleveland RTX 3 Wedges!

Feel balancing graphic - Cleveland RTX 3 Wedge

Feel Balancing Technology – Cleveland RTX 3 Wedge

Cleveland talks about their Feel Balancing Technology and what problems it solves in their RTX 3 Weges.


Cleveland RTX-3 Wedges – Mark Crossfield

In this video, Mark takes a look at the Cleveland RTX 3 Wedge and talks to a Cleveland representative, Ben, about the three main changes in their RTX 3 wedges. He gets the inside scoop on the new CG placement, groove design, and sole variations straight from Cleveland themselves. Mark then takes the clubs out and gives you his impressions. Watch to find out more!

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