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Today we are going short game again with the new Odyssey EXO Putters! They come in three different models including the popular Indy design, the half-moon Rossie design, and the iconic Seven design. We put together some feature and review videos below to help you decide if these putters will find a home in your bag! Take a look, and let us know what you think of the new Odyssey EXO Putters!

Here are some of the Odyssey EXO Putters’ features.

  • Multi-Material Construction that provides maximum forgiveness.
  • White Hot Feel for superior performance with a satisfying feel and incredible sound.
  • Multiple mallet design with face balanced options and toe hang options that provide ultra-high MOI.
  • And, of course, Odyssey is the #1 Putter in Golf!


You’ve never seen a putter like EXO before because we’ve never made a putter like this before.


Odyssey EXO Putters Review + 147 Metre Putt Attempt

In this GolfBox review of the new Odyssey EXO Putters, Alex says that the EXO shot performance makes it seem like the hole is larger in size. He gives a run-down on each of the 3 models, the Indy, the Seven, and the Rossie. Alex also gives a review of the technologies and design features found on the new Odyssey EXO putters including the White Hot insert that controls feel and sound and the Microhinge technology that controls accuracy and distance. In the second half of the video, Alex does a 147 Metre putt challenge with these EXO putters. This is a must see attempt at sinking the ball in speed golf style. Maybe. Take a look for yourself, and tell us what you think! Is Alex crazy? Perhaps.


Features and Review of Callaway Odyssey EXO Putters

Chris Wallace from 2nd Swing Golf gets together with Luke Williams, Senior Director of Global Production Strategy at Callaway Golf (Odyssey) to talk about the new Odyssey EXO putters. Luke gives insights on the putter’s new inserts and design features. As important as any technology that goes into putters, the feel of the putters is one of the most important aspects. These putters deliver superior feel and sound. Take a look at the video to find out more!


Our new EXO line is the culmination of taking everything we know about making great putters and putting it all together seamlessly in one incredible lineup.


Odyssey EXO Seven Putter Teaser

In this product teaser video, Odyssey Golf highlights there new Odyssey Seven EXO Putter. We think they look incredible, and we can’t wait to add them to our short game!


Odyssey EXO Putters – “Look Good Doing It”

Here is another product teaser video from Odyssey. In this video, they highlight some of the innovative technology and design that goes into their new Odyssey EXO Putters and what sets these putters apart from all others!


Odyssey EXO Putters - banner image

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