Putting Problems Putting You Out?

Hey RockHeads this weekend has some amazing, beautiful weather in Virginia; so what else could this caveman do, but the one thing a golfing caveman could do: I hit the links! I was enjoying some great drives, hitting some good fairways and laying up pretty close, I had some great feel this weekend with my irons and my woods; but I started noticing my green game needed some work; I couldn’t stop pulling the putts to the left or too the right even with greens flatter than a fifty cent pancake.

But that is also when my trusted caddy and companion Sniff, turned me unto something; maybe I was following through too much! A source at GolfLink explained perfectly:

This is a common problem among new golfers who have just received a lesson on following through all of your shots. The lesson may get exaggerated and when the golfer is on the green, too much of a follow through will lead to pulling the putt to the left. This will result in a missed putt and it can be a stubborn problem to overcome.

So sure, that helped me on the next hole stop pulling so much to the right, but suddenly it became apparent, that was only half of my problems as I was continually going to the left now! You couldnt believe the frustration RockHeads as I was having some of the best approach shots of my life, slip away due to poor green play! Always there for me, Sniff just smiled and gave me another great tip he learned from here and RockHeads it helped me immedietly!

This may be caused by the position of your eyes over the ball.

If your eyes are inside the target line to the cup, it can make your putts go consistently to the right. If your eyes are outside the target line, it can make your putts go consistently left.

To make sure your eyes are directly over the ball, where they should be, take your putting stance with a ball you are ready to putt. Then drop a ball from your eyes. It should land right on the ball you are putting.

I was excited to get back on the course and try out these new tips on the second nine; sure my putting improved, but now my driving game was letting me down! Doh! Oh well, I guess there is always something wrong on the course for me! Maybe next time I’ll try and find some tips for those as well. Hopefully these tips can help out you guys when you hit the courses next; so how about it Rockheads? Any putting tips you would like to share with rest of us?

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