The Unbeatable Yani Tseng

Just as Tiger Woods used to strike fear into the hearts of his competition with the signature red shirt, a new golfer has painted victory with a new signature color – pink. That’s right, Yani Tseng, the female phenom, has taken to wearing the coral color when she crushes her competition on the course. Since the beginnin’ of the year, Tseng has lifted a championship trophy a whopping 15 times while wearing the rosy hue – 10 of those comin’ on the LPGA tour includin’ five major championships. With the new signature style and scores to back it up, it’s no wonder why people are startin’ to take note of the latest golf superstar. Move over Tiger, there’s a new player in town, and it looks like pink is the new red!

Tseng’s domination has earned the player a lot of attention, especially considerin’ this lady’s only 23.

“I think it’s hard for anybody in golf not to watch her performance and think about how impressive it is and how golf just seems easier for her than everybody else,” said Morgan Pressel, the 2007 Kraft Nabisco champion. “Any time you have a player like that, whether it’s an Annika or a Lorena or a Yani, it raises the bar for everyone else.”

That bein’ said, it seems like Yani might be a bit lonely at the top.

“Right now Yani doesn’t have as much competition as maybe she wants, so we all need to practice a little bit harder and we need to go out there and challenge her more often, because right now she’s beating us pretty badly. We need to step up our games.”

Steppin’ up yer game might not be enough, ladies. While Tseng may be head and shoulders above most of her competition, that doesn’t mean she’s gotten lazy; the superstar is far from complacent and remains extremely motivated. When she lost in last year’s final round duel to Stacy Lewis at the Kraft championship, Tseng put an Angry Bird doll in her runner up trophy to remind herself how she came up short in 2011.

“Only Yani can beat Yani,” said her swing coach Gary Gilchrist. “When you’ve become No. 1 in the world, you’re expectations can become unrealistic, in hitting the golf ball and holing more putts, and you can start losing patience. For me, I have to talk to her and tell her that what she has is good enough.”

It looks like only time’ll tell what’s in store for golf’s latest superstar. Stay tuned with yer pal Scratch to see what’s next for this sensational player!

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