Scratch’s Tips to Avoiding the Common Cold

Ya don’t get to be as old as me if you let every little bug that comes along getcha down. Catchin’ cold is a surefire way to ruin any caveman’s day. Not only do ya lose out on work, but even the slightest bug is often enough to derail any exercise regime, ‘specially if ya ain’ too keen to make it to the gym even if ya are the picture o’health. So how do you avoid those seasonal sicknesses? Scratch here is there for ya to give ya the skinny on stayin’ healthy through the spring. Here are my top ten tips for good health and avoidin’ the cold.

  1. Wash yer hands! This is good advice for everyone. Washin’ your hands is the best measure to prevent transmission of colds. After shoppin’, goin’ to the gym, or spendin’ time in public transportations (like subways), hand washin’ is critical. Frequent washin’ can destroy viruses that you’ve acquired throughout the day. You can also carry around some sanitizin’ wipes for clean hands on the go.
  2. Avoid touchin’ yer face! Keepin’ fingers out of your eyes, mouth, and nose areas is another great way to cut back on the transmission of sickness germs.
  3. Don’t smoke! As a caveman, I’m partial to a little fire now and then, but smokin’ is a terrible habit that can irritate your airways and increase your susceptibility to colds and other infections. Even exposure to passive smoke can make you more vulnerable to colds.
  4. Keep yer cave clean! Wipin’ down things like door knobs, drawer pulls, keyboards, light switches, telephones, remote controls, countertops, and sinks is a great way to cut down on the germs that can be lurkin’ on such surfaces.
  5. Use disposable items around the infected! Disposable cups can be thrown away after each use – a great way to make sure ya don’t accidentally pick up the same cup yer sick friend’s been slurpin’ on all night.
  6. If yer kids are sick, wash their stuff! Keep your kid’s stuff clean of germs to stop ‘em from gettin’ sick (and save yerself from the same germs).
  7. Throw yer tissues away after each use! While it may be temptin’ to try to save trees when yer sick, do yourself a favor and don’t reuse tissues. Used tissues are sources of virus that can contaminate any surface where they are left and let’s face it, you’re not going to reuse it anyway.
  8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle! Keep active with good sleep, good nutrition, and physical exercise. All of these things help your immune system and keep you from gettin’ sick. And, if you do get sick, a good immune system can help fight off yer illness that much quicker! Besides, ya don’t get to be caveman strong by sitttin’ around all day!
  9. Control yer stress! Studies show that people experiencin’ stress have weakened immune systems. Keep yer cool and bring yer fever down!
  10. Take the time to heal! If yer sick, don’t stress yerself by goin’ to work. You’re only going to take longer to get better and put the people in yer office at risk for yer germs! Do everyone a favor – if you’ve got a fever, stay home!
  11. So there ya have it, Rockheads – Scratch’s guide to avoidin’ the cold! Got yer own tips or tricks? Leave ‘em in the comment section!

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