What Are Your Golfin’ Goals For 2012?

Golfing GoalsForget about the bad drives, miserable lies and all those 9’s you carded last year… the start of a new season means a clean slate for all us duffers! But if you’re hopin’ to avoid a repeat performance, now’s the time to talk about exactly what acheivements you hope to hit in 2012. Here are a few milestones I most frequently hear hackers yakkin’ about on the 19th hole…

  • “This is the year I break 100/90/80!” – Aside from handicaps and driving distance, this is the easiest way to size up a golfer’s game. Cardin’ that first round under your target can be tricky and will probably take a ton of time at the range, but you know it’ll be worth it when it happens. What number will you be workin’ towards this year?
  • “I’m gonna get my handicap down to…” – Golf’s other magic number is the handicap. Establishing one separates yourself as a “serious” player, and gettin’ it down into the single digits is an accomplishment to be proud of. If you’re new to the game or still strugglin’, you might still consider doin’ the math just so you can keep track of how your game is progressing.
  • “Gotta get out there at least X times a month.” – Maybe this Caveman’s favorite approach is to concentrate more on just gettin’ to play and less on what you score! See if you can’t set up a regular foursome to tee it up every weekend (weather permitting), join a league, or just swing by the practice green on the way home from work – committing yourself to pickin’ up the sticks on a regular basis is its own reward!

And you don’t have to stop there! Maybe you wanna make up your mind to travel & play some new courses this year, or to invest in some lessons or upgradin’ your gear… the sky’s the limit so long as you’re thinkin’ about golf. What golfin’ goals will you be workin’ towards this year? Leave a COMMENT below or join the discussion on RBG’s Facebook page and let this Caveman know!


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