How To Select The Best Golf Balls In 2023

Golf is a game that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Using the right golf ball is essential whether you’re just starting or have been playing for years. There are many different golf balls on the market, and it can be challenging to determine which is best for you. 

In this article, we will discuss the best golf balls for each stage of your development –– beginner, intermediate, and expert. We’ll also examine some features you should consider when choosing a golf ball. So whether you’re brand new or looking to upgrade, follow along for the 411 on the ten best golf balls of 2022!

Golf Stages 101: Which Are The Best Golf Balls?

Are you a beginner, somewhere in the middle, or a golfing expert? Be sure to understand each stage when choosing which golf ball is best for you! 

There are three golfing stages –– beginner, intermediate, and expert. Beginner golf balls are best for those just starting, as they are designed to be more forgiving on off-center shots than other golf ball types. Intermediate golf balls offer extra control over distance and spin, making them ideal for players looking to advance their skills. Finally, expert golf balls are best suited to experienced golfers looking for maximum control and accuracy.

Beginner Golf Balls

A golf ball that won’t break the bank but still perform well is perfect for some just getting into the game. And almost every premium golf brand has golf balls that fit this description. For example, the Titleist Tru Feel golf balls will have performance characteristics like lower spin that keeps the ball in play while not making you feel like you are hitting a rock. Beginners could also go with the Titleist Velocity golf balls. These are still lower spin balls, but they launch higher if someone wants more hang time. And for a golf ball at an even lower price point than the two above, Snake Eyes has a few options as well. There are the Snake Eyes Extreme Distance golf balls for more distance and the Snake Eyes Soft Distance for golfers looking for a better feel.

Recommended Beginner-Level Golf Balls

Titleist Velocity

New Titleist® VelocityTM balls add full-throttle distance to your game. Engineered for explosive distance, fast speed, high launch, and low long-game spin.

Titleist Velocity balls
Titleist TruFeel

All Titleist, all the feel, all the distance. The new Titleist® TruFeelTM golf ball is the softest Titleist golf ball ever, featuring a thinner cover for a greater feel around the green. Plus, the quality you’d expect from the world’s best golf ball.

Snake Eyes Extreme Distance

The Snake Eyes Extreme Distance Balls contain a high-energy core that gives the best mix of distance and feel. The sophisticated 392 aerodynamics dimple design generates a piercing ball flight with tight dispersion characteristics, while the specifically developed cover material offers exceptional responsiveness and crisp feel off every club.

Snake Eyes Soft Distance

The Snake Eyes Soft Distance Golf Ball features a soft, high-energy core and an ultra-thin cover that translates swing speed into long, hot, and straight shots. This ball has a superb feel thanks to its sophisticated 392-aerodynamic-dimple design and low compression.

Snake Eyes Soft Distance Balls
Callaway Warbird

The Warbird Golf Ball features a high-energy core and a 2-piece structure for optimum distance and speed. It also encourages a high launch with feel and control to go with all of that distance. Try the new Callaway Warbird if you want to hit the ball farther.

Callaway Warbird
TaylorMade Distance+

TaylorMade Distance+ provides high-velocity performance for distance on all shots. Golfers will encounter a golf ball optimized for speed thanks to the combination of a REACT Speed Core and high-speed, low-drag aerodynamics.

TaylorMade Distance+

Intermediate-level Golf Balls

A good ball for an intermediate-level golfer would be a golf ball like the Titleist Tour Speed or Tour Soft. They have a slightly firmer feel with more short-game spin, which are characteristics that the previous balls mentioned lack. Another great higher-end ball in this category would be the Titleist AVX. The AVX is a terrific golf ball with a lower spin that launches slightly on the lower side. It’s a missile machine that has the feel around the greens of a Titleist Pro V1. 

Recommended Intermediate-Level Golf Balls

Titleist Tour Speed

We have Titleist Tour Speed if you want lengthy distance, a penetrating flight, and shot-stopping control into the green. Tour Speed, as the name suggests, is very fast, yet low scores demand more than just speed, and Tour Speed is designed to help you perform every sort of shot. All with the Titleist quality and consistency you’ve come to expect.

Titleist Tour Speed
Titleist Tour Soft

The new Titleist Tour Soft golf ball has been designed to perform from tee to green. Featuring a large, fast core for a soft feel and a redesigned, more efficient aerodynamic package to help you get greater distance off the tee.

Titleist Tour Soft
Titleist AVX

The new Titleist AVX balls are designed for golfers who want to improve their game by delivering low flight, low iron spin for longer distances, a very soft feel, and even more control.

Titleist AVX balls
Bridgestone e12 Contact

The new Bridgestone e12 Contact has piercing distance you can see! The genuine game changer is the revolutionary Contact Force Dimple, which has a one-of-a-kind construction with a raised section in the center and an exterior piece that reduces horizontal rotation during flight. The raised area offers 38% more contact on the clubface at impact than typical dimples, resulting in a significantly more efficient energy transfer and increased core activation. As a result, every club in the bag has a faster ball speed and a longer straight distance. Colors include white, matte green, matte red, and matte yellow.

Bridgestone e12 Contact balls
Srixon Soft Feel

The new SOFT FEEL lives up to its name off the tee or around the greens. You’ll have a solid yet comfortable impact on every swing with it, giving you more confidence as you address each shot.

Srixon Golf Soft Feel
Callaway Super Soft

For years, Callaway Supersoft has been one of the most popular balls, with golfers swearing by it and refusing to play anything else. To make it even better, Callaway merged fantastic cover, core, and flight technology.

Callaway Golf Supersoft
TaylorMade Tour Response

A Tour-quality golf ball with a 100% cast urethane cover that is designed for exceptional performance at an affordable price. It has a softer feel and greater spin for less money.

TaylorMade Golf Tour Response balls

Pro-level Golf Balls

Expert balls are best suited for the more experienced pro golfer looking to maximize their distance and control. With that said, a pro golfer may want to spend extra to get a ball that will perform at the same level as them. For the pros, there are the big three golf ball lines: Titleist Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft, and TaylorMade TP5. However, there are other balls to consider that are just as good as the big three. For example, two other popular pro-level golf balls competing at the same level are the Srixon Z-Star and the Bridgestone Tour B series golf balls. 

Recommended Pro-Level Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1

Titleist Pro V1 provides overall performance with long distance, low long-game spin, penetrating flight, Drop-and-Stop greenside control, and a very soft feel.

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls
Callaway Chrome Soft

Chrome Soft is excellent for everyone, from beginners to world champions. The Chrome Soft Golf Ball is now longer through the bag thanks to our unique new Precision Technology while maintaining the trademark soft feel that golfers adore.

Callaway Chrom Soft balls
TaylorMade TP5

The TP5 is the Most Complete Tour Ball in Golf for a reason: it’s built like no other. It is the only 5-layer Tour ball and provides unrivaled performance off the tee, on the fairways, and around the green. One ball is better for all shots on the golf field.

TaylorMade TP5 balls
Srixon Z-Star

Increase your greenside spin and enjoy the long-distance performance with an extraordinarily soft feel. Choose Z-Star if precision around the greens and accurate approach shots are essential for low scores.

Srixon Z-Star golf balls image
Bridgestone Tour B

The TOUR B RX with REACTIV iQ increases ball speed for maximum distance off the tee as well as hit and sit performance on approach shots. Ideal for players with swing speeds of less than 105 MPH looking for extra distance. 

Bridgestone Tour B Series golf balls image

Golf Ball Features

No matter which stage of golf you’re at, there are vital features to look for when shopping for golf balls. Look for golf balls that provide good control, consistency, and feel while providing plenty of distance. When choosing the best golf ball for your game, you should consider the dimple patterns, compression rating, and spin rate.

High Visibility Golf Balls

high visibility golf balls

The color of a golf ball can also provide advantages for players on the course. The utilization of ball layering technology, control, and distance are all rendered pointless if you are unable to locate your golf ball. There is now a market for colored golf balls that are a viable alternative to the traditional white golf ball. Orange balls, for instance, are easily seen in both the summer and the winter. However, because the leaves change color in the fall, orange golf balls might not have as much of a noticeable edge as they did in the summer. Golf balls of various high-visibility colors are required for play, depending on the circumstances of each hole.

Golf Ball Fitting

Using the best golf ball for your game can significantly lower your score. As a result, getting a golf ball fitted at your local pro shop is just as vital as getting fit for your other golf equipment. After all, the modest golf ball is arguably the most important item in your bag. To mention a few, the golf ball directly impacts dynamics such as launch angle, spin rate, and performance on the green. Getting fit for the appropriate ball might help you limit the number of variables that work against you on the course. So, choosing the perfect golf ball should be a top priority if you want to enhance your game.

Used Golf Balls

Used golf balls can be an excellent addition to your gear. They are ideal for amateurs or players searching for a reasonable deal, and they are available in multiple grades suitable for both serious and casual golfers. Expensive rates can be paid for used golf balls from prominent brands such as Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade, among others. You’ll also be helping the environment if you use used golf balls instead of brand-new ones. And we 100% stand by the used golf balls we sell at Rock Bottom Golf!

Click on the used golf ball categories below to find out more!

Final Thoughts

Golf is a game that requires precision and consistency. Knowing which golf ball best suits your game can provide maximum distance, control, feel, and spin efficiency. The right ball can improve accuracy and deliver consistent results. 

Finding the best golf ball for you can be tricky regardless of your skill level. Golf balls come in all shapes, sizes, and performance levels. That’s why it’s essential to consider all the features and characteristics that best suit your game. With so many different brands and models, it can be challenging to determine which ball best suits your needs. You must research and explore other balls to find the one best suited for your skill level and playing style. 

To help you get started, check out our golf ball buyers guide.

But Before You Go…

What are your favorite balls? What do you use, and what is your playing level. We would love to hear from you! So leave us a message down below in the comments.

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