Perfect Practice Putting Mat – GOLF PRODUCT REVIEW

Perfect Practice Golf Putting Mat

Using the Perfect Practice Putting Mat, we are practicing our putting indoors today. You can still play golf and work on your putting even if you can’t get to the course. The Train Track Alignment Lines and the Auto Ball Return are just two of the fantastic features of the Perfect Practice Putting Mat. To match your particular interior area, it is also available in a few different sizes. Take a look at the product review video from Rock Bottom Golf below!

Product Review Video

Perfect Practice Putting Mat Features:

  • Official putting mat of Dustin Johnson
  • Dimensions: Length 15′ 6″ by Width 15″ 2 Hole Training (regulation and reduced size)
  • Train Tracks Alignment Lines
  • Crystal Velvet TrueRoll Technology
  • Auto Ball Return
  • Drop-in Back Stop
  • Natural Wood Finish
  • 10-14 Stimpmeter speed (dependent on the underlying surface)
Perfect Practice Putting Mat Image

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat offers an 8-foot putting surface for professional-level practice. PGA winners including as Dustin Johnson have hailed the club’s innovative design and skill-enhancing features. With the use of accurate track lines, golfers can visualize the trajectory of their ball. When a golfer’s shot veers off course, he or she can quickly adjust their stance and swing. The putting mat’s base is constructed of adhesive rubber and conforms to any surface to prevent bulging or movement. Two hole sizes are employed to increase training precision. The magnetically linked roll-back track allows for continuous practice sessions.

Before You Go!

How do you practice golf when you can’t get to the golf course? Do you use a putting mat? And do you have an indoor driving net? Or maybe you even have a golf simulator in your man (or woman) cave? Let us know down in the comments! We would love to hear how you hit the links without hitting the links!

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