Cobra Speedzone 2020 Spotlight

Welcome back, Rockheads! This week we have the new Cobra Speedzone Driver in the spotlight. Off the back of a huge 2019 with F9, Cobra announced the Speedzone drivers for 2020. Pre-sale on the Cobra Speedzone line starts on 01.03.2019! And here’s a breakdown of all you need to know about these new drivers! But what do you think? Will these be worth the price tag? Take a look at the features, specs and the product videos below to find out more

Cobra Speedzone Feature Highlights:

  • THE FACE WITH NO LIMITS. A CNC Milled Infinity Face expands the zone of maximum ball speed with up to 5 times more precision than hand-polished drivers.
  • TWO ZONES OF PERFORMANCE MAX FORGIVENESS This driver is designed to go as fast and straight as possible, much like a top fuel dragster. A larger profile with 17 grams of tungsten achieves our highest measured MOI.
  • LOW SPIN / WORKABILITY A traditional shape with CG adjustability is ideal for those who love to work the ball and fine-tune launch & spin without sacrificing forgiveness.
  • HIGH-SPEED RAILS A new Hollow Split Rail design puts a twist on our signature Baffler Rails, creating more ball speed, distance and launch.

Every component from the chassis to the exterior has been reengineered to maximize power output, so golfers can experience what it feels like to drive at top speed.

-Cobra Puma Golf


Cobra|Speedzone Driver

“I worked closely with Cobra’s R&D team on the look of the CNC Milled Infinity Face. I love how the club looks at address and the increase in ball speed is incedible.”

-Rickie Fowler
Speedzone banner image
6 Zones Of Optimized Speed

Cobra Speedzone Review

Rick takes a look at the Cobra Speedzone 2020 Drivers in this video. He goes over the technology and design of these as advertised by Cobra Golf. He then takes them out on the golf course and tests them out. Watch the video to see what Rick thinks about these Cobra irons.

Cobra Speedzone Vs Cobra F9 Driver

In this video, Rick believes that the Cobra F9 was the best driver of 2019. Here he puts the new Cobra 2020 Drivers up against it to see how they stack up against one another. Watch the video to see the full review of the 2020 drivers

Rickie Fowler’s Reaction to the New Cobra Speedzone Driver

Rickie Fowler reacts to the new Speedzone Driver goes over the touch, look, sound, and overall feel of the driver.

The Cobra Speedzone Lineup

Pre-Sale: 01.03.2020

Cobra Speedzone promo banner image

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