Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons Spotlight

Welcome back, fellow Rockheads! Cleveland has come out with a new iron set targeted at mid-handicap golfers. The Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons boast utility long irons built to forgive and the short irons built for control. It is the iron set that “does it all.” Take a look at the specs and features below to find out more!

But what do you think? Will you be checking out the new UHX irons when they come out of pre-sale? Do they live up to the hype? Let us know down in the comments.

Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons Feature Highlights

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  • Hollow and Cavity Back Construction – Hollow long irons produce more forgiveness with lower, deeper weight distribution. And cavity-back short irons deliver more control when attacking the pin.
  • Variable High Strenght Steel Face – A variable, high strength HT1770M steel face insert produces explosive ball speeds for more distance, even on toe and heel impacts.
  • V-Shaped Sole – Featured in both the hollow and cavity back designs, the V-Shaped Sole improves turf interaction for higher speed retention at impact.
  • Tour Zip Grooves – Laser Milling and Tour Zip Grooves deliver the highest spin for optimal control throughout the Launcher UHX Irons.

The Launcher UHX Irons deliver the perfect blend of distance and accuracy. Featuring hollow long irons for explosive distance and cavity back short irons for ultimate control, launch it with the new Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons.

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Launcher UHX Irons Specifications

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Launcher UHX Irons — Forgiveness AND Control

Take a look at this Cleveland Golf product video for the new UHX irons! Get the scoop on all the technology and design features.

Cleveland Launcher UHX Irons

Jeff Brunski (Club Creation Expert) and Dan Edwards are at Cleveland Golf talking about the new Launcher UHX Irons. Get a better idea of who these irons are made for and what you can expect out of the set. Cleveland has targeted these irons at mid-handicap golfers and they are the irons that do it all!

Distance demands speed, so we made you faster. Launcher UHX long irons feature an HT1770M steel face, a steel that’s rated ‘high strength.’ That makes it resilient enough for a variable thickness pattern, our first ever in a set of irons. This pattern—thinner on the toe and perimeter but thickest near the heel—makes you faster across the face and longer on every shot.

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Products Highlighted in this Article

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