On The Range-Halloween Golf

Today On The Range-Halloween Golf. We take a look at the best golf Halloween themed outfits of all time! Halloween is approaching soon, what are YOU planning to go as?

The Justin Thomas

The Justin Thomas look will surely get you A LOT of candy on Halloween. Not only will you be dressed as one of the top golfers but you’ll also be one of the classiest dressed costumes.

The Happy Gilmore Crew

The Packers may have pulled off the ultimate group costume, the Happy Gilmore crew. Get 3 of your close friends and go as a team!

The Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth had a rough season, but he is still a fan favorite. Not only can you be one of the top golfers but you can also be one of the most recognizable caddies in the game, Michael Greller.

The Zombie Golfer

With the latest success of zombie television, The Walking Dead, why not go as a zombie golfer? You can marry your favorite tv show with your favorite hobby.

The Happy Gilmore Couple

Looking for a couple costume? Look no further, the Happy Gilmore is the way to go!

The Child Prodigy

Let’s talk about the ultimate cute costume…this is clearly the winner. Want to take your young child and rack up on Halloween candy? Look no further.

The Caddyshack Couple

Name a more iconic duo, we will wait…still nothing…need more time? You can’t name one exactly. Carl Spackler should be an easy costume to pull off, just throw on some old cloths and spray yourself with a hose. The dirtier the better.

Al Czervik

This outfit should get you an award at any Halloween party. Al Czervik is an icon cinema character.

Why Stop At Costumes…

Why should we stop at costumes? Let’s do a Halloween themed miniature golf in the yard!

Best Costume Of All Time

This is the BEST Halloween costume of ALL-TIME. John Daly is a golfing legend, so a costume of him is LEGENDARY!

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