5 Great Holiday Decorations Made With Golf Equipment!

It’s officially the Holiday season! (Although, some of us may or may not have had our decorations up for a few weeks already…)

Just because the weather may prevent you from hitting the links over the next few months, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to share your love of the game! Spend some time with your family or friends doing crafts that incorporate your love of golf into this holiday season!

 1. Golf Tee Ornament

Note: You may want to make sure the tees you use for this are small, otherwise they may not fit in the ornament.

Golf Tee Ornament

2. Golf Ball SnowmenGolf Ball Snowmen

3. Golf Ball CenterpieceGolf Ball Christmas Centerpiece

4. Golf Ball Christmas Tree

Note: If you want to save yourself the trouble of painting, buy golf balls that are already green! You can find some here!

Golf Ball Christmas Tree

5. Golf Themed Wreath

Note: Feel free to be creative with this one! No need to follow the picture exactly, use whatever golf items you like!

Golf Ball Christmas Wreath

Products you could use to make these crafts:

Be sure to check out the crafts board on our Pinterest Page for more golf-related craft ideas!

One thought on “5 Great Holiday Decorations Made With Golf Equipment!

  • October 12, 2022 at 8:11 pm

    Where can I buy those tiny black snowman hats for my golf balls?


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