Golf Trivia: Week 18 Winners, Correct Answers and More!

The 18th week of Caveman Golf Trivia has come to a close. Thank you all for playing! This Caveman has officially asked 450 trivia questions. Maybe I should Write a book! For those Rock Heads who are scorin’ at home, here are all the questions and their answers:

What year was the Mark H McCormack Award first given?

Who received the first Mark H Mcormack Award?
Tiger Woods

Who has received every Mark H McCormack Award since the first one?
Tiger Woods

What is the Mark H McCormack Medal?
Awarded to the leading player in the World Amatuer Golf Ranking

What is the Mark H McCormack Award?
Given to the pro golfer who holds the #1 position for the greatest number of weeks each year.

Who holds the record for for most weeks on top of the World Golf Rankings?
Tiger Woods

Which golfer holds the record for second most consecutive weeks as the #1 world golfer?
Tiger Holds Both the first and second records, then after him is Greg Norman

What is the fewest weeks after turning pro that a golfer has made top 10 in the World Golf rankings?
33 weeks by Tiger Woods

Since 2000 how many golfers have been ranked Worlds #1?
Only 3

When was the first time Tiger Woods reached the #1 spot?

How many PGA stops are named after Pro Golfers?

When Did the Byron Nelson classic become named after its first winner?

Who has the lowest score at the Byron Nelson Championship?
Rory Sabbatini

Who holds the Byron Nelson Championship record for most times won?
Tom Watson

Which tournament ended Tiger’s record breaking streak of 142 consecutive cuts made?
Byron Nelson Championship

What is The Open Championship?
The British Open

How many different courses has the British Open been played on?

How did Adam Scott clinch his victory at the 2008 Byron Nelson?
Sunk a 48′ putt during the playoffs

Which golfer holds the record for consecutive top 20 placements?
Jack Nicklaus

What is the penalty for accidentally having 15 clubs in your bag for the duration of a hole?
2 strokes

How many holes can you have 15 clubs in your bag before being disqualified?
0 if you do it knowingly, 2 if you had no idea for a 4 stroke penalty

A player plays a stroke from Point A to Point B.
The player deems his ball unplayable and proceeds under either Rule 28b
or c. After dropping under penalty of one stroke, the ball comes to rest
at Point C. The player deems his ball unplayable for a second time and
wishes to proceed under Rule 28a, playing …from Point A. Is this

It Is!

Is it Legal for two golfers playing in the same competition at
different times on the same day caddie for each other?

Yes, it is

When a cart is being moved by one of the players sharing it, Is the cart
and everything in it are deemed to be that player’s equipment


Congrats to jcbbarnard (twitter) and Andrew Wells(Facebook) for winning the trivia contests this week. Remember you get 5 points for having the first correct answer, but can also gain points just by having the correct answer! Weekly winners receive $10 gift certificates to Colton Schacher was the high scorer on my golfin’ game

If I haven’t heard from you yet, why not come & play with me and the rest of the Rock Heads this week? Questions are posted between 2 and 4 pm EST on both Facebook and Twitter. To keep things fair, you can only win once per contest per month!


PS: If you have any great golfin’ trivia that you would like to see asked, send it over my way, or feel free to try and stump this caveman.

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