Who Is The World’s Worst Pro Tennis Player?

Wednesday the London Courts decided that Tennis Pro, Robert Dee, is in fact the World’s Worst Pro Tennis Player.

In 2008 Dee filed a libel action against the Daily Telegraph, for a headline that read Worlds Worst Tennis Pro Wins At Last. The pouty tennis pro explained that not only was it offensive, but it could hurt his chances at becoming a tennis coach.

Dee lost the case based on the courts decision based on the facts admitted:

  • Dee was a professional tennis player who lost 54 consecutive matches in tournaments on the international professional circuit without even winning a set!
  • This record of consecutive losses was the world record equaling worst ever run of consecutive losses on the international professional circuit.

So now, Robert Dee not only has a headline but a court ruling stating that he is The Worst Tennis Pro Tennis Player in the World.

This caveman thinks that Dee should have just been happy with the win!

What do you think Rockheads? And who is the World’s Worst Pro Golfer?


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