You’ve GOT To See Callaway’s 2015 Golf Shoes!

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What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Callaway?” It’s high-performance golf clubs, right? Well, Rock Heads, Callaway Golf isn’t just in the club making business. They’ve also been pushing the boundaries of technology and design in the realm of golf shoes too.  They’ve just released their newest 2015 Callaway Footwear Collection and Scratch has the scoop on these new kicks.

How To Find 2015 Gear In The Cave!

If you’re looking for new 2015 gear from any golf brands, keep an eye out for this link on the left hand side of your page. Clicking it will take you to 2015 collections. But wait Scratch, you say, it’s not 2015 yet, how do you have gear from the future? Because hypothetical Rock Head, just like car companies, golf brands like to release a new year’s collection in the fall.

Men’s Gofl Shoes

This year, in addition to updating their best-selling Chev series and X series, Callaway has also released the new Del Mar Series of casual spikeless golf shoes. This series pays homage to Callaway’s California roots with its laid-back, but stylish looks. Callaway says the Del Mar Series, “provides the perfect balance of performance and comfort that delivers over 18 and style that delivers in the clubhouse.” The series will be offered in Del Mar Sport and Del Mar Zephyr models.

The Del Mar Zephyr is a “light, refreshing sea breeze.” What does that mean? It means the 2015 Callaway Del Mar Zephyr is SUPER LIGHT! It’s actually 20% lighter than the previous Del Mar model. It not only offers excellent playability in a spikeless design it is also the lightest shoe in the Callaway men’s golf shoe line! PGA star Harris English has been spotted wearing the Del Mar Zephyrs!

The Chev Series of golf shoes has been updated with the new 2015 Chev Aero and 2015 Chev Comfort models. What sets the Chev Series apart from other golf shoes is their sporty design combined with their proven traction and stability technology. If they didn’t see the spikes on the bottom, someone might think you’re heading out to the gym! These lightweight shoes are perfect for the younger, more casual-styled golfer.

For traditionalist, Callaway offers the X Series including the new 2015 X Nitro golf shoes. A good swing starts from the ground up, and the X Nitro provides the effective support for those major bombs. Callaway says it combines, “lightweight, super-soft and ultra-comfortable upper with Tour level power traction.”

Ladies’ Golf Shoes

The ladies haven’t been forgotten! Callaway makes the Sky Series specifically for the needs of female golfers. This year, they’ve updated the series to include 5 styles – the Cirrus, Halo Pro, Playa, Solaire and Solaire SE. And Rock Bottom has them all! All 2015 Callaway women’s golf shoes a unique combination of ultra-lightweight performance features designed to reduce energy loss and are the lightest shoes ever made by Callaway!

So Rock Heads, what are you lookin’ for in a golf shoe? Would these 2015 Callaway golf shoes fit the bill? Let me know in the comments!

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