Staying Fit On A Budget With Scratch

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People tend to scoff when the terms golf and fitness come up in the same sentence. But this caveman is going to tell you that they go together like frustration and sand traps. Take Tiger Woods for example; his golf swing is nearly perfect, and he achieved it with practice and a strict work out regiment.

Because I think it is so important, I have added fitness training aids and health supplements to the cave, so you can stay in shape without taking a toll on your wallet!

I also stumbled across an excellent article at with great suggestions on how to afford a personal trainer on a tight budget.

The four basic hints they give are to:

Set a fitness budget, and stick to it – Don’t extend yourself beyond what you are able to afford, even if you think you may be able to afford it next month. Stick to what you KNOW you can afford this month.

Know how to spend your fitness dollars – 1 to 1 Personal trainers can cost from $60-$250 per hour, but group training sessions can be as inexpensive as $15 per hour.

Find the right match
– Decide which trainer works best for you. Do you like a 1 to 1 trainer, or group sessions? How about a combination to fit your budget? Also what kind of equipment do you need to get into the shape you want?

Add it all up – Sticking to your budget and workout regiment could be difficult, but with a little planning and ambition, it could be less expensive than you think. And in no time you will see improvements in your health as well as your golf game!


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