Improve Your Posture To Improve Your Swing!

Golf Posture
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If you’re having trouble with your swing, take a look at your posture. Proper posture is an essential part of your golf swing, but is often forgotten. Poor posture can cause a loss in accuracy and power while leading to back pain. Thankfully, proper posture is not difficult to master.

1. Stance
Start in a natural, shoulder-width stance meaning your feet should be as far apart as your shoulders. This will free up your movement.

2. Slight Knee Bend
Don’t bend towards the ball from your knees. Flex your knees slightly and bend from the waist and keep your weight over the balls of your feet. If you are in the proper posture, you should be able to rise up on your toes without falling forward or backward.

3. Don’t Hunch Your Shoulders
Once again you having to think about getting closer to the ball by bending at the waist. Too many players will hunch their backs when they set up. Keep your spine straight and you’ll remove stress from your back during your swing rotation. A straight spine also allows your shoulders and arms to rotate freely and keeps the chest open to facilitate breathing. If you want to check whether your spine is straight, try this: Stand in front of a mirror. Hold a golf club down your back and move your head back until it touches the shaft. Tilt over a little bit from your waist with a slight flex in the knees and keep your head against the club. Take the club into your hands as if you’re addressing the ball while maintaining the posture from the drill.

4. Keep Your Chin Up
Try not to pull your chin to your chest. This will pin your upper body in place, restricting your ability to coil, and making it almost impossible to turn without moving your head more than you should. Keep you headed lifted so your shoulders can rotate freely.

5. Balance

If you have proper posture, you should be balanced. You’ll feel both steady and ready to move. If you don’t, go back and check each part of your posture to see what needs to be corrected
Check out the video below to see the posture of famous golfers!


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