Better Health Through SuperBetter

SuperBetterAfter you’ve had a tough injury, a bout of depression, or a life-threatening diagnosis, it can be really hard to start feeling healthy or like your old self. When Jane McGonical suffered from a concussion, she didn’t think that she’d ever feel any better. After experiencing severe depression as a side effect of her injury, the 35-year game designer decided that the only way that she was going to improve her mental and physical health was to turn her recovery into a game.

By breaking down the seemingly impossible task of getting better into a series of mini games and quests, Jane was able to tackle her recovery process one step at a time. The first thing that she had to do was: recruit her allies. As any gamer knows, you need to have some good teammates on your side before you can tackle any really tough boss. In this case, her first ally on her road to recovery was her sister. By callin’ up allies within the context of a video game, McGonical made it easy to ask for help.

The second thing McGonical had to do was identify her bad guys. By knowin’ what it is that triggers her depression and anxiety, McGonical made ’em seem more controllable and easy to defeat. After a while, McGonical found herself feeling better. Knowing that there were undoubtedly countless others that could benefit from her getting better videogame program, McGonical created a role-playing recover game that anyone could play. And thus, SuperBetter was created!

Though it was initially created to help fight the side effects of a concussion, since its inception SuperBetter has grown to help people with many different types of battles to fight. This amazin’ recover game can be an excellent tool for people going through a range of illnesses and struggles including:

    – Cancer and other diseases

    – Quitting smoking

    – Depression

    – Weight loss

    – Stress

This program is designed to boost your core strengths (physical, mental, emotional, and social), help you through a tough time, and improve your ability to recognize your own power to impact your everyday life! All you need is a computer or a smart phone – the App is free.

So for all of you Rockheads out there who are lookin’ for a little extra help in your personal life battles, then try Super Better to recruit your allies, tackle your bad guys, and improve your overall mental and physical health. All ya gotta do is click here to get started!

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