Workouts for Wimbledon

Caddy and GolferWith Wimbledon in full swing, it’s time to get your tennis game back up to snuff this summer thanks to Scratch’s very own Wimbledon inspired workout. With these exercises, you’ll be acing opponents in no time! Let’s take a look at these simple exercises that are inspired by the real pros and ‘specially designed to improve your tennis game.

– Line Sprints

In tennis, ya need to have explosive distance and amazin’ agility. Get back into sprintin’ shape by doing Line Sprints. Whether it’s on the court or not, these are really easy to do. Simply set up three points in varying distances. Run to the one that’s farthest away first, then second farthest, then the closes. Rest for a minute and then repeat it four more times. With Line Sprints, cardio is as simple as one, two, three!

– Jump Rope

If ya look at tennis players they all have one thing in common: amazing legs. By jumpin’ rope, you give your legs the exercise they need to make it up and down the court all game. Besides, jumping rope is so easy even this caveman can do it. Simply grab your jump rope and get to it! See how long you can go without stopping and be sure to push yourself to always do more next time.

– Overhead Slams

Need a little extra oomph behind your serve? Then you definitely need to try out the Overhead Slam. For this one, take an 8-pound medicine ball and bring it over your head with both hands. While focusin’ on being tight and long, drive the ball down as hard as you can. This gives you explosive power through your upper body and will definitely get you into serving shape in no time!

So there ya have it, Rockheads! Got a tennis friendly workout tip of your own? Be sure to leave it in the comment section!

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