Is Tiger Finally Poised For A Comeback?

Its been 7 weeks since we last saw Tiger tee off for a tournament, and even longer since we have seen him next to the that big “W.” This weekend, he playing at the Open at CordeValle, and it will be the first time in over a year that he will be competing on a course he has never seen.

So what should we expect?

This caveman is hoping for some great things! Tiger has spent the bulk of the summer letting his injuries heal and getting the “Major Overhauls” to his swing fixed up.

“I’ve done all that work,” Woods said. “Now it’s just fine tuning.”

“I don’t need to worry about whether I have the club here or here or here or here or here,” he said. “I’ve done all that legwork, and now it’s time to play. And that’s where I needed to get to, which I hadn’t been able to because I wasn’t healthy enough to get there. And that part was frustrating, because I know what I can do in the game, and I just needed the time to practice. And that’s why I’m so excited about being here and playing.”

Only six players from the top 50 on the money list, and 26 from the top 100 are entering into this tournament. Rory Sabbatini is the highest ranked at No. 27, while Tiger sits at No. 118 after having only entered 8 PGA Tour events, and only finishing 5 of them. Tiger has also fallen from amongst the top 50 (currently sitting at 51 after this week) in the world rankings for the first time since he was a rookie in 1996.

The golf rockstar’s appeal hasnt dwindled, however. Ticket sales are five times ahead of last year, and the Open is close to selling out, which is highly unusual for a Fall Series event. In fact just last weekend, Tiger Broke the course record at the Medalist by shooting a 62. But even he admitted that its different when a scorecard is in his pocket and thousands of fans are lining the fairways.

Tiger also may have lost a few endorsements, but has recently partnered up with Rolex, who have a long standing passion for excellence. Maybe this new venture will be the pick-me-up that Tiger has needed!

What do you think Rock Heads? Is it time for Tiger to win again?


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