What Motivates You?

Jay Wornick, a 30 year old from Fulton, NY found his motivation when his wife, Angela, layed out a New Years resolution and weight loss challenge. Simply put, the deal was that the person who lost the lowest percentage of body weight had to get the other persons name tattooed on their body.

Apparently, Jay didn’t like the idea of getting his wife’s name tattoed on him, so he stepped up on the scale, and weighed in at 366 lbs. Which shocked him, but only sort of, because he was used to eating 20oz steaks and 3 potatoes with every meal, while also consuming a 12 pack of Mountain Dew throughout the day every day.

The couple met in 2004, and over the next 6 years, Angela watched Jay gain nearly 100lbs. As a licensed practical nurse, she tried to warn him of the potential dangers of diabetes, and heart disease. She wasnt even fully aware that he would often get 2 large pizzas and a bunch of other snacks after she had gone to bed.

After the first month after the challenge, Jay had lost 40lbs. That was when he decided to stick to it. After the second month he had lost another 30lbs. And after 10 months, Jay had lost 198lbs.

How did he do it? He started his dramatic weight loss by cutting his daily caloric intake from 7-8k down to 1,500 -2,000, and loaded up on high-fiber foods, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and water. He also started working out at his local gym, and eventually got up to 2 hours, 6 days a week. The first hour for cardio and the 2nd weight training.

I don’t care who you, are nearly 200lbs in 10 months is incredibly impressive. Congrats Jay!

What Would Motivate You?


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