Trivia and Scavenger Hunt Winners!

For those of you who don’t know this red-bearded cave dweller runs a weekly trivia game on both Facebook and Twitter!

If Tommy Aaron is first on the alphabetical list of Major winners, who is the last?
Fuzzy Zoeller

Which USGA President was the Grandfather of a US President?
George Herbert Walker

What two Majors did Mark O’Meara win in ’98?
British Open & Masters

Which Golfer was nicknamed “Light Horse” for his quick rate of play?
Harry Cooper

Which was the first non-Ivy school to claim the golf NCAA team championship?

Congrats to:

The Trivia Winners: Chris Lindy the winner via Facebook, and Hiltongolfer the Twitter winner! You have each won a $10 RockBottom gift certificate! Spend it wisely Rock Heads!
Also speical congrats to the Scavenger Hunt winners: Greyson Clark in first; Allen Hsu in second, and Daniel Ratel in third!
First place wins $15, second $10, and third $5 in Rock Bottom gift certificates, which you can use to purchase all the top quality golf gear you need and the lowest prices possible!

If you haven’t played yet, but want to get in on the weekly trivia contest. Here is a quick refresh of the rules! I will pose 1 question per day for a total of 5 questions throughout the week. The first person to answer the question correctly will get 3pts, but you can earn a point for every correct answers you post (limit 1 per question).

You can get the prize for winning trivia, having the high score on my golfin’ game, or scavenger hunt once a month. But if you happen to have racked up the most points in two of them, I will give you a $25 gift certificate instead! In order to be fair amongst my Rock Heads you can only win each game once per month. Good Luck Rock Heads!


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