Introducing Scratch’s Scavenger Hunt!

Rock Head Red Alert: Scratch’s Scavenger Hunts are an all-new way to have some fun and possibly win yourself some Caveman Cash! Watch my Facebook fan page and Twitter page for an announcement that the hunt is on and to collect your first clue!

Each new clue will direct you to a different corner of The Cave: from item pages at Rock Bottom Golf & Rock Bottom Sunglasses to my YouTube Channel or as pop up in a video there, maybe even an entry or comment on this blog and beyond! The final clue will ask you to perform some action like posting on my Facebook wall so I know you made it and gets your name in the drawing of with the other successful scavenger hunters – First to finish gets a $15 Gift Certificate, and two lucky Rock Head will be selected at random from the rest to receive $10 or $5 in Caveman Cash, good on future purchases from RBG and RBS!

Here’s a sneak peak at one kind of clue you may see in an upcoming hunt:

Example Clue!

They won’t always be quite THAT obvious, but a sharp eye and a keen mind should get you through all the steps and into the drawing for the grand prize. Best of luck… you’re gonna need it!

Remember – the hunt will start with an announcement on my Facebook or Twitter page, so if you’re not already a fan or following me there, make sure you do today or you just might miss out!


PS: Want more ways to win Caveman Cash? Play my Daily Golf Trivia Game on Facebook and Twitter! Every day I’ll post one golf-related question and give three points to the first correct responder and one point to every one else who posts the correct answer after that. At the end of the week I’ll add up each player’s point total and award the winner a $10 gift certificate! See who won and what my questions were last week by clicking here!

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