Golfing In The Heat? Have Fun But Be Safe!

A heat wave is sweeping the Nation, and I’m not talking about Ricky Fowler. With temperatures over 100*F combined with Virginia Beach’s insane humidity always near 100% it puts the heat index up around 115. I know some of you Arizona Folk might be laughing, with their Summer high’s constantly up over into the 100’s but adding the humidity really makes it feel like I am walking around in someones breath. And that folks, is disgusting. This Caveman is melting, but it won’t keep me from enjoying a sweat drenched round of golf this weekend.

For those of you die hard golfers like myself, I am going to send out a word of caution. Listen to your body and make sure your safe. This heat wave has taken the lives of at least 22 people this week, and while that is unfortunate news, I don’t want to see this number grow any higher.
In order to beat the heat and stay healthy, whether you are out playing golf, going to the beach or just doing some yard work, try to plan your activities in the morning or in the evening to avoid the hottest part of the day (10am-3pm) and be on the look out for some potential risk factors:

Dehydration – Occurs when water is leaving the body quicker than you put it back in. So stay hydrated! Bring plenty of water and be sure you drink it!

Heat Exhaustion – Symptons can include: Headache, weak pulse, rapid pulse, excessive sweating (I do this anyway, its that chromagnum blood), dizziness potentially leading to fainting, clammy skin, chills, cold, nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps or very fast or shallow breathing. If you feel this symptoms or notice that someone else is, quickly take action to get cooled down. Find a cooler place to sit and chill out, drink water and reduce movement until your body is able to recover.

Heat Stroke – Unlike heat exhaustion, people suffering from heat stroke will have warm skin that is dry to touch because they have already sweated out all of their extra water. And this has similar effects to removing the fluid from a cars radiator. The body will be left without a key component in his cool down system. High fever, severe headaches, nausea, comiting and a strong, rapid pulse combined with confusion and even lose of consciousness are very good indicators. This is a serious condition, so IMMEDIATELY take this person or yourself to a cool area, and seek medical assistance.

Steps can be taken to prevent these from occuring:

  • Wear light, breatheable clothing
  • Rest in a cool shady place frequently, the minute you get to hot, go cool down.
  • Eat light, heart healthy foods to replace minerals and nutrients that may be lost.
  • Do your part and watch out for those at greater risk such as very young children, the elderly and persons who may have health condidtions

And for something a bit more light hearted:

If you are out in the sun, enjoy yourselves. And since you know your car is going to be smoldering hot upon your return, you might as well make the most use of it. Bake Some cookies on your dash board! That way when you return you have an excellent snack!

Have fun and be safe!


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