Hey Clarke You Look Like You Could Use a Cold One

I’m not sure of his exact height and weight. All I know is that the man was a saint with children and a genius with food additives and he was… Clarke!

Darren Clarke became the oldest winner of the Open Championship in the last 40 years on Sunday at age 42. The Irish gentleman’s three stroke victory earned him $1.45 million in prize money plus another $2.8 million from his sponser who offered him some bonus cash for winning any major. Maybe they thought his best days were behind him and he needed a little extra push to actually capture his first Major title, or maybe they were just being generous. Either way, Darren Clarke had a reason to celebrate.

And Celebrate is exactly what he did. Beggining right after the final round ended, and continuing until the next morning just before meeting the media Monday morning. He celebrated so heavily that he could no longer make out the texts and e-mails pouring through to congratulate him on his phone:

“I have 294 messages, and the writing is far too small for me to look at them in this state. I’ll look at them tomorrow at some stage and try to figure them out,”
“It was a very good night last night, quite a few beers, quite a few glasses of red wine and it all continued until about 30 minutes ago.”

Congrats Darren Clarke! He is now the 12th winner in the last 12 Majors. We havent seen a repeat winner in years! Think he can do it?

Ok, so maybe Tom Watson didn’t win, but he did prove that he still has it in him. He aced the first round and shot 3 2 over rounds of 72, totally 286. If he keeps at it, he will beat Sam Snead’s record for oldest player to make a cut at a major, which he made at age 68 in the ’79 PGA Championship.


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