Valentine’s Day Is Fast Approaching!

Hey There Rock Head Nation!

Scratch is back at the keyboard to write a little bit about Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and that means it’s time to find that perfect “I Love You” gift. But here’s what’s got me scratchin’ my noggin. I keep hearing that nobody thinks that golf gear is a good Valentine’s Day gift idea, but I say nuts to that! And apparently there’s some people out there that agree with me cuz I see a lot of Valentine’s Day gifts leaving The Cave this week. So speak up for me if you’re out there!

I get it, golf gear isn’t the traditional chocolate and flowers. But I know Mrs. Scratch loves her some golf, and if I got her a new putter on Saturday she’d be happier then if she just saved huge on her car insurance! Sorry, bad Caveman joke. But seriously, let’s hear it. Give it to me straight. If you’re into golf, would you be disappointed to get golf gear from your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Ladies, I’m ESPECIALLY interested in hearing what you have to say on this one. And if golf gear isn’t where it’s at, what’s your dream Valentine’s Day gift? Help us fellas out!

Your Golfin’ Buddy
Scratch the Cupid

P.S. – Have you been golfin’ with me yet? If not, check out the new video game starring yours truly!

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