Here Comes Rock Bottom Sunglasses!

Rock Bottom Sunglasses Two weeks ago I told you all about the 5 new websites Rock Bottom is going to be launching. My Rockheads, however, caught on pretty quickly, calling it out as an April Fools Day Hoax. You were right to mistrust, this caveman on one of his favorite days of the year (next to the entire golfin’ season and maybe the holidays, or St Paddy’s day, but you get the idea).

While I would be thrilled groom your pets, I am not sure how well they will ship. So the logistics kind of puts the snip on Rock Bottom Mutt Cutts.

For those of you who guessed Rock Bottom Sunglasses, well played! You were on point! And for those of you who were excited about Rock Bottom Escorts or Rock Bottom Booze, I am sorry for the false hopes. Maybe Someday if I can get the legal kinks worked out*#;-) grew and grew as all my Rock Heads love the deals, service and super quick shipping. And as it grew, I noticed people LOVED my golfin’ sunglasses. So I said “Why stop there?” and soon after was born! Modeled after the discount pricing of Rock Bottom Golf, you’re sure to find not only exactly what you need, but also the lowest prices on the web…GUARANTEED! – Your FIRST Choice For The GREATEST Deals on…Shades!

So be sure to check in for great deals on sunglasses, cheaters, shades, or whatever you want to call them. You can also find the Rock Bottom Sunglasses on Facebook!


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