BREAKING NEWS: 5 NEW Rock Bottom Websites On The Way!

Great news Rock Heads – Rock Bottom Golf is about to get a whole lot bigger! We’re launching a bunch of new websites founded on the same commitment to low prices & great service you’ve come to expect from RBG, so now you can save even more in a wide variety of ways. Keep your eyes peeled for more details soon, but for now here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect:

Rock Bottom Golf Buddies

Need more friends who share your interests? Well, let us help! Rock Bottom Golf Buddies will connect Rock Heads to Rock Heads so you can share your love of Rock Bottom and golf in real life like you do on our Facebook page and Twitter stream. Keep the discussion by uploading and viewing photos, videos and more, PLUS find golfers to play with from your area or on your next golf trip! Rock Bottom Golf Buddies

Rock Bottom Booze

What better way to compliment a golfin’ biz than with a wee nip of the hard stuff? This caveman will soon be adding a distillery to The Cave, serving up “Rock Bottom” brand scotch and a few special batches of moonshine every now and then. No need for smuggling, since we’ll be shipping our hooch straight to you. Of course we’ll also have some great bargains on name-brand liquors, wines and spirits, so if you’re sneaky enough you’ll never have to pay beer cart prices again! Please drink responsibly, and make sure you’ve got a designated driver for your golf cart! Rock Bottom Booze

Rock Bottom Escorts

Lookin’ to make that next foursome even more special? Swing by RBE, my new social site that will let my Rock Heads browse a huge selection of local singles and couples to add an extra “spark” to your next round. Whether you want to make a love connection that’ll last a lifetime or just need somebody for a short-term fling, make Rock Bottom Escorts your FIRST CHOICE for finding that special someone! Rock Bottom Escorts

Rock Bottom Sunglasses

Everybody knows that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when a container ship full of fashionable sunglasses runs aground just outside your warehouse, the best thing to do is start sellin’ online for cheap! Whether you want to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays or just want to look super-cool at the club on Saturday night, Rock Bottom Sunglasses has you covered! As long as the crates keep comin’ ashore, we’re your best source for sunglasses – save 40% or more! Rock Bottom Sunglasses

Rock Bottom Mutt Cutts

Just as Netflix changed the video rental business with their web-based service, we’re cutting costs in the pet grooming business with our new pet grooming service, Rock Bottom Mutt Cutts! Here’s how it works: Enroll at our website and simply let us know next time Fido’s lookin’ a little rough around the edges and we’ll rush a postage-paid pet container right to your door! Just toss a few treats in with your dog and drop ’em off at the nearest post office. We’ll pamper and preen your pet to dog-show condition, then overnight your pooch right back to your front porch! (Service not available to residents of Alaska and Hawaii.) Rock Bottom Mutt Cuts

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